Friday, 25 May 2007

motorbike robbers!

 When I got home Wed my neighbour had had his bike stolen from work (city-west IBM).

 4 lads arrived in car
 Made short work of locks with concrete disk cutter
 All on video, security challenged them but they threatened them with the disk cutter at them
  and drove off. 2 on bike.

 Then no news till later on.
 He called a friend in traffic gardai, dunno did that influence it.
 But a guy on a bike burning up his back tyre in Finglas attracted attention.
 And they caught him with unmarked car.

 Apparently the same lads had stolen car in morning.
 Back tyre has a big flat patch - wouldn't have helped them if they were going to use it in another
 robbery!  Ignition broken, scrapes along side where bike fell over, various small things
 broke & bent, generally abused a bit but okay. :(    Cut in the mudgard from the disk cutter.

 They probably caught the stupidest robber but at least they got one!

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