Monday, 10 September 2018

weekend log, Fionn in Cork, house bits, mtb blackberries mushrooms, scout plc, moon pie book finish

Earlier in week evening morning evening finished fixing bench. 2 wooden pieces with bolts just a small 1cm too short. Ugh. Wood from attic bunk bed side. 1 bit almost perfect length cut already. Cut. Varnish ends and scratches. Use scout knife to plane one side flat (worked well as did using it to plane rounded edge on back piece). Mark and drill holes. Screw in bolts whicch are really stiff difficult to screw in. Varnish for protection. Screw wood to cast iron back. In morning after rain bench has gotten longer again it seems like. Have to unscrew bolts alot persuade them into holes but it fits well in end. Pheuf.

Fixed laptop screen too. Replaced it.

Fionnuala and Daire in Cork visiting my mum in hospital and family. Fionnuala headed down Fri morn in car. 

After work Fri headed home. Relaxing night with Kate & Maeve. Found we had loads of eggs so cooked lots of them. Spinach omlette. Daire came back. Good report about my mum & Cobh. Daria came back after evening movie pizza at a friend's place. 

Sat up 9, breakfast, Daire already up unloaded dishwasher. Maeve off to speech&drama. Rain passing over.  French student has a cold rearranging day will stay at our place & rest. House bits then I head off bike to Carrickmines hunting printer ink washout neither harvey norman nor pc world carry the right cartridges any more. Nor are there other bits I'm looking for. Back home  lunch is like sandwiches and stuff. Maeve off to toewn with Ava to go as far as Henry St to get home economics sewing stuff in Hickeys. Head to pharmacy and shop and get lemons and stuff for sore throat with&for French student. 

After miscellaneous jobs I fish out MTB, tighten saddle and head out with no bag/tools. Up to Ticknock. Saddle a bit too up pointy but myeh. Lower it a little and twist gear change to b more comfy. Half way up arg oops no helmet! The guys in the bike hire place give me a helmet. Nice run loop down & up to three rock top, good blackberries and nice mushrooms around, some big shaggy ink caps and loads of orange ones in woods. Whaups my feet come off pedals a couple of times. Must sit a bit keep weight on saddle even if standing up sometimes. Lovely weather. The bermy run down is now extended down to the bike hire place. Cool.
1 hour 30 in total to/from home. Up top 40mins 6.28 km, 

Cook tea: eggs & black pudding & beans in chicken sauce and boiled new potatoes. Eat with Kate & Daria. Then bike it with Kate to scout meeting. Maeve and Ava arrive from Luas. Organise names. Brainstorm activities, make a calendar, then tricky organising personnel PLs APLs and patrols. Fionnuala comes with bike carrier to bring us all home.

Sunday up in good time again. Breakfast and newspaper and radio. We all 6 of us go visit DSPCA meet animals looking for a cat, some young cats there soon after spayed operations. A black one called keri is selected doesn't like being fished out & held though I get some scratches on my tummy. We say hello to goat and dogs and pick up a bee on footpath and find a yellow flower for it too. Home. Lunch. Daria heads off to visit with other family. Fun day is startingon green. Maeve is stressing about getting flower photos printed for art project so I head on bike her on luas to carrickmines and we get them printed. I catch end of fun day ice creams and litter pick up. 

Kate cooks lots of fried rice. We have it for lunch and it is boxed up for school lunches.

Crosswords, sudokus, newspaper. House bits clear out boots need to hang back up fix hooks in bike room.

Reading old 2000AD annuals. And finish moon pie book very good compelling got quite serious.