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Safe knife use and learning about knives for Scouts . . .

Collecting some info on knife use for scouts.

It is good for all scouts to earn a knife permit.
See section from the scouting trail and a knife permit .pdf docs linked from here .

Also see the try stick(see attached picture) looks like a very good exercise for anyone developing knife skills.

Knives are useful tools.
They are sharp so must be treated with respect. 
How to avoid injuring yourself and others must be learned first. Blood zone.
The first aid for cuts and wounds (and shock) must be learned (RICE == Rest Ice Compression Elevate)

Information on the legal situation in Ireland:

In Ireland it is ILLGEAL to carry a knife of any size shape or form without due reason for carrying it at that time and in that location,
 this includes pen knives and Leatherman’s with a blade on it. 
You are permitted to carry a knife for work e.g. building, farming, fishing or activites like camping.
Knives are not permitted in public places like town centre or at school without a good reason.
It is a good idea to be aware of this law and make sure you put your knife safely away when not in use.

Knives like flick knives which are viewed as weapons only and not a tool are completely illegal in Ireland.


Offensive Weapons

Possession of knives and other articles.

9.—(1) Subject to subsections (2) and (3), where a person has with him in any public place any knife or any other article which has a blade or which is sharply pointed, he shall be guilty of an offence.

(2) It shall be a defence for a person charged with an offence under subsection (1) to prove that he had good reason or lawful authority for having the article with him in a public place.

(3) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (2), it shall be a defence for a person charged with an offence under subsection (1) to prove that he had the article with him for use at work or for a recreational purpose.


I have a book by canadian Mors Kochanski on bushcraft and he introduces knife use (and axe) very well.
First aid first.
Safe use, blood zone.

Some real life Scouting rules of knives/tools.

Knives are a tool.
Respect the tool (for it's usefulness and for potential to harm).
As with all tools they can be a bit dangerous, they can damage or hurt people or equipment.
We must learn to use the tool in a safe and proper way.
The more we learn and practice with the tool the safer we are.

Scouts (or anyone) should start using knives in a safe way under supervision of parents or older Scouts/kids.
A really good place to learn how to use knives is by starting at home helping with cooking.
It is never too early or too late to learn to use a new tool!
Very young kids or beginners can start by cutting up relatively soft foods e.g. bread with regular dining table knives. 

Penknives are UNFORTUNATELY easy to lose (especially on camp or in nature but also anywhere in bus/train/town(where they probably should not be!)).
So put paracord or another type of lanyard or marking on your knife.
Put your name on your knife.
Knives should never be left unattended. 
Knives should be stowed away in a safe place when not in use.

It is good to loan your knife if someone needs it.
It is part of Scouting to learn to use tools and teach others to use tools.
Your knife is still your responsibility even if someone takes a loan of it.
If you take a loan of a knife then be responsible, look after it and give it back.

Be aware if you ever give a loan of your knife someone might, through no intended fault of their own, not look after it properly, 
  even sometimes it might be lost or damaged! :-( :-( 
 Accidents happen. 
    We will do our very best to make sure accidents do not happen. 
   BUT if they do happen we will handle it fairly and with good humor.
If you loan a tool to someone you must trust them to use it reasonably safely.
Observe them, If they look inexperienced or unsure then . . . . 
   * check what they are doing with knife
   * check they are doing it in a safe manner, give them advice if they are not!
   * check they know they have to respect and look after the tool and give it back to you.
   * if they look like they are not safe then STOP them! Tell them what is not safe. Show them how to do it safely. Get them to do it safely. 
     It takes some of your time now to supervise this time but they should quickly learn to be safe.

Attitude to knives/tools and equipment
A simple useful tool is best. Knives should not be a fetish item or glorified! :-o
That sounds a bit crazy but sometimes people get obsessed about things and it's not healthy . . . 

Tools should not be used to cause damage by accident or even worse intentionally ! ! :-( :-o
But it does happen sometimes, when it happens then don't worry!
We learn best by our mistakes. 
As with any accident, if any damage is caused or if other in-appropriate behaviour with a knife or tool happens then:
  * make the situation as safe as possible, if possible
  * please PLEASE report it as soon as possible to more senior Scouts/Scout leaders/Quartermaster. 
Quartermaster/leaders needs to know so equipment can be repaired/re-acquired.
Senior scouts/leaders need to know so that the behaviour can be corrected.
Scout leaders need to know even if minor incidents happen and you deal with them
 (so that the Scout leaders can learn also what works for scouts and what doesn't work!)

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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Galty mountain hike plan . . .

Route card: from Attychraan/Kings yard - Black road - Galtybeg - Galtymore - (Slievecushnabinnia option) - King's yard   15k or 18k  total height gain
790m-820m vs 18km

Starting points, car parks:
There are 3 main carparks to access Galtymore from, 2 to the South:
The Black road R89306 20345 A (ht333m),
Kings yard R87526 19959 C (ht218m). 2km West of the Black road.
Kings yard has a shop and shelter, as well as a 2€ charge.
Also looks like Attychaan Loop trail car park R88074 18927 D by Galty castle is 1km to South of Kings Yard.

And one to the North:
Clydagh Bridge R87450 27780 B (ht137m)

These 4 starting points A B C D by Grid Ref:

Galtee from the South and a bit of info on legend of a Snake in the lake.
Start/end point: Galty Castle Wood beside King’s Yard (R 879 188)
Distance: 13km
High point: Galtymore – 919m
Time: 5.5hrs
Ascent/descent: At 919m, Galtymore is Ireland’s only inland Monroe so there’s plenty of climbing in this walk. You can take the descent route to go up more directly to shorten the day or extend it by taking in a worthy detour to Slievecushnabinnia.
Waypoints: Knockeenatoung (601m), Galtybeg (799m) and Galtymore (919m).

PMG == Project Mountain Goat
PMG Walk 14 - Monabrack to Seefin via Knockeenatoung - Loop Walk
Down from the ridge avoiding peaks of Slievecushnabinnia, Galtymore, Galtybeg . . ? eh!
OK two days before he did the full ridge walk and hitched back to Cahir!! And slept in car. Jeez! :)
From South. Skeheenarinky. Black Road. Galtybeg Galtymore.


Snake in Lough Muskry, Aherlow

Diarmuid had several geasa on him. Diarmuid was a great favourite among women anyway, being very beautiful, and he was also born with the Bol Sherca in the middle of his forehead. This was a magical spot that made anyone who saw it fall in love with him. He knew this was trouble so he wore his hair long and kept the Bol Sherca hidden. But one time as a boy he was playing hurling and his hair lifted up and Grainne saw the Bol Sherca and fell for him but she didn't know who he was and never found him.

Grainne had lost hope of finding the boy with the Bol Sherca and so was agreeable to marrying Fionn. The race to top of Slievenamon . .
" the fairest women raced to the top to claim the hand of the warrior, Fionn Mac Cumhail. Fionn secretly fancied Grainne so he advised her how to win the race!"
The faeries/witches of the horns of Slievenamon.

Grainne was happy to marry Fionn until soon before wedding at a feast she saw young Oisin beside Fionn who was old. And then from behind she saw Diarmuid who she had seen a long time ago as a boy and fallen for him.
Gráinne put a sleeping posset into a jug of wine and passed it around the feast.
She asked each member of the Fianna in turn to run away with her and they all refused out of loyalty to Fionn. Then Gráinne turned to Diarmuid and put him under a geasa to run away with her. She asked him the same question and he could not go against the geasa so he had to run away with her.

It is said that Diarmuid and Gráinne made love on the ancient Slievenamuck Megalithic Tomb after they fled from Fionn.

Rampaging Boar killed by Fionn MacChumhaill on Slievenamuck
Slievenamuck is mountain ridge to the north of the Galtees.

Galtee Wall built in the 1800's
Summit cairn and Iron Cross on Galtymore

Galtee Challenge and Crossing is a 31km traverse of the entire Galtee Mountain range
The Galtee Challenge and Crossing is a 31km traverse of the entire Galtee Mountain range, taking in all major peaks with a total height gain of 1700 metres approx. and a maximum altitude of 919 metres.
Organised by Galtee Walking Club
The direction alternates each year.
Galtee Challenge, Saturday, June 29th, 2019 mountain runners 32km, 1500m climb

Start in Angelsborough West to East:
Templehill (MANDATORY) Kite no.34
Lyracappul Wall Start (R846-232) Kite no.35
Wall Corner (R863-242) Kite no.36
Galtymore Cross (MANDATORY) Kite no.37
Galtybeg high point (R890-241) (MANDATORY) Kite no.38
Farbreaga, cairn at end (R934-249) Kite no.33Rocky out crop Kite no.75
Mast Point (For the walking challenge only really) (R972-254) Kite no.32
Slieve an Airde Fence 992-258 (MANDATORY) Kite No.76
Bain trig point, last high point (S007-269) Kite no.79
Hammer head (S010-269) (MANDATORY) Kite no.80
Finish at Cahir Castle.

Project-Mountain-Goat list East to West:

Slieveanard NE Top 449m – Non PMG Summit
Slieveanard 438m – Non PMG Summit
Sturrakeen 541m – (Summit #56/454 – Mtn Class: Arderin)
Laghtshanaquilla 631m – (Summit #57/454 – Mtn Class: Arderin & Vandeleur-Lynam)
Greenane 802m – (Summit #58/454 – Mtn Class: Arderin & Vandeleur-Lynam)
Greenane West 786m – (Summit #59/454 – Mtn Class: Arderin & Vandeleur-Lynam)
Knockastakeen 583m – (Summit #60/454 – Mtn Class: Arderin)
Cush 641m – (Summit #61/454 – Mtn Class: Arderin & Vandeleur-Lynam)
Galtybeg 799m – (Summit #62/454 – Mtn Class: Arderin & Vandeleur-Lynam)
Galtymore 918m – (Summit #63/454 – Mtn Class: Arderin & Vandeleur-Lynam)
Lough Curra Mtn 600m – (Summit 64/454 – Mtn Class: Vandeleur-Lynam)
Slievecushnabinnia 775m – (Summit #65/454 – Mtn Class: Vandeleur-Lynam)
Carrignabinnia 822m – (Summit #66/454 – Mtn Class: Vandeleur-Lynam)
Lyracappul 825m – (Summit #67/454 – Mtn Class: Arderin & Vandeleur-Lynam)
Knockaterriff Beg 679m – (Summit #68/454 – Mtn Class: Vandeleur-Lynam)
Knockaterriff 692m – (Summit #69/454 – Mtn Class: Arderin & Vandeleur-Lynam)
Temple Hill 783m – (Summit #70/454 – Mtn Class: Arderin & Vandeleur-Lynam)
Benard 479m – Non PMG Summit

Galtee challenge 2019 route card:

Glen of Aherlow to the North
The Glen of Aherlow hosts 2 annual Walking Festivals each year, the 2 day Winter Walking Festival over the last weekend in January and the 3 day Summer Festival over the June bank holiday weekend.
Gortavoher forest, coilte . . further up into Limerick to North West
Lisvarrinane and Slievenamuck

Scout Sionnach loop from Lough Muskry - Ferbreaga - Greenane - Galtymore - Galtybeg - Corrie Lough Diheen - back to Lough Muskry
Start start 1.5km S, W from Rossadrehid. (R927 292). ?5km hike S to camp.
Camp at Lough Muskry at the south side of the small lake at R921 242

Up to ridge north-west of Farbreaga at R 933 255
SE, S to Farbreaga spot height of 724 at R 934 250
Ridge SW to Greenane trig pillar (R 925 239).
Ridge W to Spot 786 (R 911 239) via the cairn and rock formation known as “O’Loughlin’s Castle”. W 300m
Descend SW to fork in river at R 901 232. R&R.

West towards spot height 657 hit the Black Road (track) at R 894 232.
Follow Black Road N to SE of Galtybeg (R 893 235).
NW towards the col between Galtymore and Galtybeg at R 886 240. Beware of Bogginess.
Ascend west to Galtymore summit (R878 238) at 919 metres
Glen of Aherlow to the N.

Return east to the col at R 886 240.
Ascend east to Galtybeg R 890 241
Follow the north-eastern spur down to R 891 242, at the back wall of the Corry containing Lough Diheen. Turn SE along the ridge edge to col at R 896 241.
Continue E, then follow the spur SE that ascends towards the check point 300
metres west of spot 786 at R 907 239.
From here, take a bearing to descend the slope to the north towards the western side of Lough Muskry (R 916 245), taking care to avoid the steep and rocky ground to the south and south-west of Lough Muskry. On reaching the western side of Lough Muskry, turn south-east and return to the camp site between the Lough and the cliffs.

Glen of Aherlow loop circuit of Glen of Aherlow to North - 17km
The GALTEE Mountain North Horseshoe Walk is a strenuous 13.5km (5.5 hr) (?? 17km ??) loop walk to Galtymore Mountain (919m) located on the border between Tipperary and Limerick in an area known as the Munster Vales. The loop  takes in the mountains of Slievecushnabinnia (766m), Galtymore (919m), Galtybeg (799m) and Cush (639m) in that order, beginning with a lung busting 650m climb in only 4km.
More on the legends of the area.
From the South off piste and from the North.
When St. Patrick was here in Aherlow the people told him that there was a snake on the top of the Galtees and that he was killing cattle, sheep and cows. St. Patrick asked them for a vat and he got it and he went on until he met the snake. He put the snake into the vat and carried him on to the lake and threw him in and told him to stay there until Lá an Luain, and every Easter Monday morning the snake puts his head over the water and says " is fada an luan é a Phádraig."
The lake was Lough Muskry, one of four loughs on top of the Galtee Mountains.
"Raising his crosier into the air he shouted to the snake to stay in the lake for 7 years and he would be released on " .. .. La an Luan. Meaning Monday or Easter Monday. But ALSO meaning the day of Judgement. Sneaky! "After 7 long years later the snake appeared at the edge of the lake and asked St Patrick “is it time for me be released yet?” to which St Patrick replied “no” and the snake sank back into the lake."

From wikipedia: Lake Muskry 
formerly known as Lough Beal Sead, "The Lake of the Jewel Mouth"
also identified as, Loch Beal Dragan, "The Lake of the dragon’s mouth". 
Its present name, Lough Muskry comes from the Múscraighe sept that lived in the south of Ireland.[10] The lake is said to have been formed on the spot where Cliach–the–harper stood for a year to serenade his beloved, the daughter (of) Bodhbh of Slievenamon. After failing, he played his two harps together, and the hill burst open and formed Lough Bel Sead.[10] The Galty Mountains have been known as Sliab Crocta Cliac, or "the mountains of the harps of Cliach".[26][27]

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The ladder of participation and scout philosophy. YOUTH LED

Scouting Ireland recent structural changes . . . company structure, how the board works, . . . There are restrictions on youth involvement which maybe are not compatible with one of the fundamentals of Scouting in that it is YOUTH LED. How can we keep moving in the right direction and really have more scout troops and activities properly led by youth not adults.

Over the last 15 years or so its been the research by Roger Hart or similar thinking which has framed a lot of what Scouting internationally and Scouting Ireland have tried to achieve.

If you want the long read:

So in a very short way youth led programme needs to be as the Scout Method says Adults and Young People working together (link). But with the emphasis on young people voices being actively listened to from their own experiences and in their own words not via proxy. 

Adultism is "the power adults have over children".[1] More narrowly, adultism is defined as "prejudice and accompanying systematic discrimination against young people".[2] 
Adultism is defined as the "behaviors and attitudes based on the assumptions that adults are better than young people, and entitled to act upon young people without agreement".[6][7]

Is there such a thing as youthism ? Or scoutism? :) 

Catholicism Protestantism Buddhism Judaism Pastafarianism Rastafarianism Marxism Communism Socalism Republicanism Royalism? Libertarianism Fundamentalism Vegetarianism Veganism Feminism Darwinism Impressionism Cubism 
Sexism? Autism Intellectualism Criticism

-ism is a suffix in many English words, originally derived from the Ancient Greeksuffix -ισμός (-ismós), and reaching English through the Latin -ismus, and the French -isme.[1] It means "taking side with" or "imitation of", and is often used to describe philosophies, theories, religions, social movements, artistic movements and behaviors.[2] 

slavery abolitionismfeminismalcohol prohibitionismFourierismpacifism, early socialism, etc.) 
Transcendentalismspiritualism or "spirit rapping", Mormonism
For examples of the use of -ism as a suffix: