Friday, 3 January 2014

Google calendar with Mothering Sunday (Mother's day for Ireland & UK)

I wanted to find a public google calendar with Mother's day. However I couldn't find one. Nowhere on the internet! There are a few calendars there with religious feasts which are good but I wanted just a couple of key dates. Very important to stock up on eggs and milk and a lemon for pancake Tuesday! :-) Also vital in Ireland to be alert on the morning of April Fools' day. 

Mother's day in Ireland and UK is Mothering Sunday. The fourth Sunday in Lent. Young servants were given a day off to visit their Mother Church and family. 

So this calendar called "Irish Traditional Days" is created and available for public use.
It includes just a few important days in Ireland. It excludes holidays already in Google calendar for Irish holidays. The days are mainly from Catholic tradition but do not include all the catholic days that would be found on religious calendars. Days included: Pancake Tue, Ash Wed. Mothering Sunday (4th Sun in Lent). April Fool's. Father's Day. Halloween, All Saint's day.
These are not necessarily national holidays.
The Easter/Lent days of Pancake Tue, Ash Wed and Mothering Sunday are in from 2014 to 2020.
The other days occur yearly (Father's day 3rd Sunday in June).

Calendar can be downloaded or embedded:

     (Calendar ID:

Embed calendar in blog: (just the "Irish Traditional Days" is a bit bare without Google Irish Holidays calendar but in actual use you would select multiple calendars)

Experiment with embedding calendar in google site here:
"Irish Traditional Days" combined with Google Irish Holidays and moon phases.

It would be nice in Google Calendar if you could base event dates off of one key event. e.g. The date of Easter Sunday would be imported from a public calendar. Then all the dates of Lent: Pancake Tue, Ash Wed, Mothering Sunday and more if desired could be based off of that date.

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