Friday, 11 December 2015

Family and community friendly city. submission for Dublin City Development Plan 2016-2022

Subject: Family and community friendly city. submission for Dublin City Development Plan 2016-2022


I would like to make a submission on the development plan.

I believe it is important that Dublin make the city a safe and healthy place for everyone living and

working here.

I welcome the core strategy in the development plan. I think it is absolutely the right strategy.










Cars Bikes Public Transport


We try and walk or use bicycle as much as possible to get around. We find that bike paths off road

or on road are good but that bike+footpaths separated from road are very pleasant, much quieter

and less stressful. It is possible to make pedestrian and cycle paths away from roads to link up

many parts of the city. Paths like these make local journeys on foot or by bike much more pleasant

and makes them much more possible for young and old. It is especially nice when paths can be

integrated with nature, use of "greenways".

Travelling on foot or bike supplies much needed exercise which is vital for adults and kids health.

Children and young adults will especially benefit from improvement in access and from the

improvement in environment. Safer routes to schools give the obvious benefits of safety and

young adults can at a much earlier age be more independant, thus benefiting the family unit as a


The city is very accessible by bike users. Journeys can be made in very short and reliable times.

The only problem is the roads are too intimidating for all but experienced bike users. Good news

though there is plenty of opportunity for making safe bike routes throughout the city and this also

benefits pedestrians.

There are too many cars in the city. Especially at rush hours. Traffic jams don't help anyone. Cars

in city make the environment unpleasant and dangerous. There is also no need for it. People are

habitually attached to cars. Better planning in Dublin and Ireland to place schools/work/shops

close to and integrated with residential areas is needed. Better pedestrian environment, more

space for public transport, more space for bikes and Dublin city can be an amazing place.

Community space: green space, blue space and workshop space


We are lucky with some space we have for parks. The more the better. Please maximise green

space. Please make space for community gardens and allotments. Maximise space for outdoor

recreation, sports. Support community groups like running, orienteering, scouts, boating,

gaa/soccer/rugby . . . .

We are especially lucky with access to water - extensive sea front and streams and rivers through

Dublin. Access should be opened to water wherever possible for recreation.

Community groups need a mix of indoor spaces for meetings, halls to hold events, warehouses for

storage and work. There can be a lack of space which hold some community groups back. Space

is expensive in Dublin! There should be a plan for an amount of community indoor

meeting/hall/storage space to be made available whenever housing is being planned. This space

could be integrated with schools and outdoor parks or activity areas. The community groups need

to be given ownership and use of the community spaces. Some sports groups have a long history

and have a good allocation of space. Many other groups need support to develop. e.g. TOG the

artistic/engineering/hacker group and the make groups should be supported. More community

space for different groups would make Dublin a vibrant place and provide a much deeper

education in creative areas like art, engineering, gardening, outdoors.

Yours sincerely,

James Coleman.

37 Mount Eagle Green

Leopardstown Hts.,

Dublin 18.

Yours sincerely,

James Coleman