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Glencullen Musical and Dramatic Society - Miracle on 34th Street The Musical - Dec 2012

Doing some PR for GMDS.
Glencullen Musical and Dramatic Society
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We are doing the premiere amateur dramatic performance of Miracle on 34th Street The Musical in Ireland. We will be on-stage Dec 5 to 15th in The Mill Theatre.

Starting schedule:
We will be having reading next week evening of Thur the 6th in St. Tiernan's school.
We have some musical introduction evening of Tue and Thur 11th and 13th, kids also on the Tue.
We will have auditions on the weekend Sat 15th OR Sun 16th  (10 euros audition fee for non paid up members (deducted from membership on renewal)).

Synopsys, cast, musical number snippets.
Book by Meredith Willson Music and Lyrics by Meredith Willson Based on the 20th Century Fox Picture with story by Valentine Davies and screenplay by George

Rehearsals are just starting for the next production of GMDS which is Miracle on 34th Street - The Musical. We are very excited to be bringing to you the very first performance of this musical in Ireland!

Miracle on 34th Street is a great Christmas show, recalling the magic of Christmas from childhood when Santa Claus was real. The show really brings back the excitement of Christmas and it is a nice antidote to the mayhem of Xmas shopping! We are putting together an action-packed show again this Season.

Our director Tom Ronayne has had a busy Summer on stage in an intense version of John B Keane's classic ‘Sharon’s Grave’ at the Mill Theatre in June with the Balally Players. Congratulations to all on a great production! Tom and crew are now preparing for a story in a very different setting.

Miracle On 34th Street tells the story of Doris and Susan Walker, a mother and daughter that are much too practical to believe in Santa Claus. Doris is in charge of Personnel at Macy's Department Store in New York (circa 1947) and it's Christmastime. The real Kris Kringle is hired to be Santa Claus for Macy's and the spirit of Christmas comes up against the cynicism and materialism of the practical New York business people. Filled with humor, spectacle of New York at Christmas and Macy’s famous Thanksgiving Parade and beloved songs this joyous, heart-warming musical is pure family entertainment.

The Musical by Meredith Willson is based on the 20th Century Fox Picture with story by Valentine Davies and screenplay by George Seaton.

The Mill Theatre have had the builders in all August repairing the flood damage from last year. The stage is set. We are looking forward to seeing you all in rehearsals in St. Tiernan's school or see you in the Mill Theatre in the first two weeks of December!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

mystery items, guess what I was doing this evening.

If you do want to guess just look at the picture, do not read on. Don't read on too quickly anyway. I will give some clues now and gradually reveal the mystery of the strange objects.

Some items are not used for the main activity.

the bottle has a tiny bit of wine and some cider vinegar inside. it has cellophane on top with a small hole in it. guess what it is.

The pencils are there because it is back to school time. Daire was back today at 10. the girls are back tomorrow.

the binoculars are there from the weekend. when the tall ships left Dublin we could see them from outside our house. northerly ish wind so they went out (east) without sail, then out up sail and quickly disappeared out of sight skirting coast.

the half-eaten bar is from when we cycled on metals from DunLaoghaire to Dalkey. Kate bladed.

the music is from song by Fun: Tonight we are young. recorder just for tootling. was playing along with guitar chords and piano chords/melody/beat-notes. Maeve knows all the starting verses words off!

the things used in main activity were ... in order of most useless-ness ...
a chisel
a penknife (now cleaned and sharpened with file)
drill bits
a rock
a hammer
a file
a tin box with white stuff inside, guess what that is.
a small metal looking block and blade

the rock is quartzy granite,quite a hard rock, lots of that kind here and in wicklow hills.

inside the box there is cotton wool mixed with some vaseline. for cleaning baby bottoms? but we don't have babies any more.

the chisel and penknife don't work. The penknife is stainless steel.

one drill bit for drilling metal gives a small spark if hit against the rock.

there is a faint burney smell.

the hammer and file give good sparks when hit at an angle against the rock. bits of rock flake off with the hammer though, watch out for eyes!

the little metal block is magnesium with a small ?high-carbon? steel rod on one side. this rod gives good sparks if scraped on the rock.

the little blade chained to rock is some kind of flint. I'm not sure if it is real rock flint or something else. when scraped against the rod sparks are generated. when scraped against hammer or file not much happens.

the quartz in rock and flint are harder than the steel. when hit against sharp rock tiny shards of metal scrape off and are ignited by friction.

hot metal sparks are good for starting fires with.

the magnesium is scraped making some magnesium dust. that collects at top of rod. scraping top of rod gives nice hot/strong magnesium sparks as well as steel sparks.

vaseline is petroleum-jelly and it is flammable. cotton wool and vaseline is good tinder.

I was making sparks and fire.

lay out some kindling ready to take fire. lay out some tinder (cotton wool). spark into the tinder. if you get it to flame to add the kindling. build and enjoy fire. if practicing lighting fires put it out then do it again. I made about 8 little fires. fun. the girls liked it!

What is the bottle? It is a trap for fruit flies. A bowl with vinegar inside and cellophane on top works too and you can see the flies.
"Flint is a hard, sedimentary cryptocrystalline form of the mineral quartz,[1][2] categorized as a variety of chert."
"Steel is an alloy made by combining iron and other elements, the most common of these being carbon. When carbon is used, its content in the steel is between 0.2% and 2.1% by weight"

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