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Glencullen Musical and Dramatic Society - The Field by J.B.Keane - Ring Board Rules.

Glencullen Musical and Dramatic Society - The Field by J.B.Keane - Ring Board Rules.

General Rules Of Game  (thanks to
1. The minimum throwing distance is 8'- 6" ( 259 cm) from the board and shall be clearly marked on the floor by a line.
2. The board is mounted on the wall at a height of 76"(193cm) from floor to top of Hook No.2.
3. Only rings hanging on board can be counted in scoring.
4. All players (team or individual) must play with 6 rings.
5. A team or individual having reached 487 or more is then nominated. That is they need to hang the actual number. For example having reached 487 if game is 500x1, No.13 must be hung exactly.
6. If a player having hung his nomination number, and one, on throwing for the double one, knocks off the nomination number, he is still left for one and may throw any rings he has left for the double one.
7. Only rings hanging down will count as a score.
8. A game must stop when 500x1 is reached.
9. The individual or team to reach 500 with the least number of rings, wins the game.
Approx dimensions: Board: 51 x 37cm. Rings approx 102mm diameter, inner diameter 80mm, 2.5mm inch thick.


History Of The Game
The game has been played for generations in Ireland. Back in the days before television or radio, nearly every house in Ireland had a ring board game hanging on the wall or the back of a door. They were still very common up to about 30 years ago. With the introduction of television in modern times, this game had almost died out.
As many Irish Emigrated to America during the famine, and were sent to Australia as convicts, the game travelled with them. Any Irish taking the game to the 4 corners of the world. This game is part of the rich heritage of the Irish People.
In the 20th Century, Irish emigrating to England brought the game with them and played it competitively in the Irish Pubs and Clubs. The playing of the game was mainly concentrated around the Degham area, where many Irish found employment in the Ford car plant. This brought about the All England Rings Championship. Up until recent times, teams from the Essex area competed at All Ireland Level, as they took it in turns travelling across the Irish sea to compete in each others venues. Many times, when a hook would get broken on a board, the man of the house would borrow a cup hook from the kitchen dresser (traditional Irish kitchen furniture) and fix his ring board.
Many Irish Americans, now in their 60s of over, would remember playing this game as children in their own Irish homes. Ring, Bowls Skittle and Horseshoes (Meggars) had one thing in common, all games were played underhand with their own separate All Ireland competitions. Rings was considered a winter game played indoors, the rest were played during the summer session.
Up to this day, the game of rings is still played competitively at All Ireland level on this All Ireland Standard Ring Board. In 1980, the All Ireland Rings Association was formed by J. Behan, D. Murphy, A. Moynihan & G. Cartwright. The next year, the first All Ireland competition was played in the ESB complex, Dublin. The final was between Dublin vs. Cork, Dublin won on that occasion. Currently, the game is still played in  Ireland in Pubs around the country. It has become a traditional Irish Pub game which still live on.
If you would like to keep this tradition alive and compete at All Ireland Championship level, then investing in the purchase of this board is your opportunity to partake in this competitive Irish sport on home turf. The All Ireland Ring-board Finals are held in the Clare Inn Ennis, Co. Clare on the 1st & 2nd of March each year.
Glencullen Musical and Dramatic Society The Field by J.B.Keane
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For children up to the age of 9 an approximate distance of 160cm and height of 140cm are more suitable. Up to the age of 13, a distance of 180cm and a height of 160cm should provide a good challenge.

There are three Ringboard games in particular that are very suitable for schools:

1. Beginners – The highest score after each player has thrown 3 sets of rings wins the game.
2. Fifty Plus - The first player to reach or exceed a pre-agreed number [e.g.50] wins the game.
3. Thirty-one – The first player to reach a score of 31 using as few rings as possible, e.g. if a player hooks a 10 then a 9 he must add these together to get his total score so far (19) and subtract this from 31 to find which number he must hook to win (12). If he hangs no.5 he must subtract this from 12 and now he knows he must hang no.7 to win, thereby getting the player quickly using mental arithmetic.

As skills levels develop and increase players can move on to the more traditional games of ‘Round the Clock’ (hang each number in sequence, from 1 to 13) and ‘100 + 1’ (players must reach 100 points, then hang the no. 1 to win)
This could eventually lead to competing in the All Ireland Ringboard Championships, which are held annually in Co. Clare, All England Ringboard Championships or even the World Ringboard Championships, usually held in the autumn.

Kit comes with 13 Hooks and 6 Rings, paper template for making board and instructions.

School Size Ringboard measurements: 38.5cm x 30cm