Tuesday, 20 November 2018

day work/home log, mon/tue nov 19 20 2018. busy @ work

In Cobh on weekend, drive back up in afternoon. Grand on road but gets very slow at roadworks coming up to Naas. Need the loo and diesel so detour into Naas. Google map route and car maps useful. Get home in time to give Kate lift to snowboarding.
LIDL shop Stillorgan bread milk ham cheese etc.
Kate lift from snowboarding.
Cold enough I walk up to slope they're still on last run down the big slope.


Chilly enough now cycling. Giving some training in work in morning jenkins, install/upgrade/download/event scripts & tools Dev QA Staging Live process. Some install/test docker image changes are causing trouble fix in scripts and release and fix on site. By evening sites have recovered loaded and tested latest release. Preparing older site for upgrade and test upgrade, find some simple but awkward things, one rpm partly downloaded but at install time a later rpm gets installed and then .. is un-installable. Interesting. Can't use --force on rpm -e erase, -noscript doesn't work, -F|--freshen, mmmh.
Later on ready for upgrades on live site at 9pm but it's had a busy day, message store over 50% alarm, we wait until 11pm Dub time then upgrades, lash on rpms, restart processes, one issue alarms raised on inactive elements, activate them and sessions established alarms gone. All looks good.
Bed > 1pm.


Colder again, lashing rain. BB and  I look out at the rain and BB goes out without me noticing . . the rain pretty quickly stops, BB takes fright at something and comes back in fast.
Wind pretty strong against me. I dodge the rain on way into work. It just starts spitting when I'm in town. Lovely strong  rainbow when I get into town.
Busy, I have testing to do, check site that was upgraded previous night, login to external site and check with others how to solve awkward java tomcat versions thing, QA regressions running ok but release out late and new release out later in morning. Status meeting. Testing IMS user resolution over Diameter UDR and PUR. Setup of testing waiting for machines/resources a bit takes ages to get config and scripts working eventually by afternoon get messages sent and on review all makes sense phew! I have a couple of fruits and buns and a coffee during the day.


0x132 306 UDR/UDA User-Data-Request/User-Data-Answer

0x133 307 PUR/PUA Profile-Update-Request/Profile-Update-Answer

  -  0x2BC 700 User-Identity AVP

       -  0x259 601 Public-Identity AVP

       -  0x2BD 701 MSISDN AVP



Very dark when I lock up and get out 7pm ish. Wind is strong sort of with me. At home ears cold enough to be a bit uncomfortable.

Nice yum savoury mince rice cabbage stuff @ home. IPA with skulls on. Porridge later. 'The Stag' film watch with Kate and Fionn. Very funny and a bit cute :). day work blog particularly busy at work.