Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Glencullen MDS renamed to Glencullen Dundrum MDS

Glencullen Musical and Dramatic Society are now known as Glencullen
Dundrum MDS 
Website changed also: http://glencullendundrum.com/

Yay "Glencullen Musical" or "Dundrum Musical" in google finds gmds.ie.
gmds.ie bounces to new website.

Upcoming show:

AIMS website event

Presented By:Glencullen Musical & Dramatic Society
Dates:03/12/2013 - 07/12/2013
Venue:Mill Theatre, Dundrum, Dublin
Booking Number:01 2969340
Director:Helen McCann
Musical Director:The Doc
Contact Name:
Contact Email:glencullen.musical@gmail.com
Ticket Prices:18/15 euros

Set in the late 1930s, the musical tells the story of an unapologetically unrefined cockney gentleman who learns that he is the rather unlikely 14th Earl of Hareford. His newly discovered relatives and the local gentry however are not amused! Music by Noel Gay, and words adapted by Stephen Fry, Me and My Girl is full of catchy tunes, corny jokes and lashings of lively dancing. The show features familiar favourites such as The Lambeth Walk and The Sun Has Got His Hat On.
Glencullen Musical and Dramatic Society are now known as Glencullen Dundrum MDS

Friday, 20 September 2013

Some animal pretend cub scout games

Creating a game variant:  
Basket-ball training but with animal actions to stimulate the imagination more.
Animal-pretend games are great fun.

Basketball training 'suicide'. Very energetic. 
3 lines. Chalk. Cones. 
Run to called line, touch with hand and back. 
Listen for instruction. 
Wait for 'go'. 
Multiples. E.g. 3 1 2. Add animal, action. When touch line bark or miaow or howl or sing eeee or say the alphabet a letter when touch line. . . Walking and talking like a duck. 2. 3. Go. like a dog. Like a crab. Seal. Rabbit. Cat. Carrot!? Hopping. Jumping. Singing a song. Chanting x x x x. Snake. Frog. Bird flapping. Fish. Dinosaur. Spider. Alligator. Pirate. Pirate with a peg leg. Fireman. Policeman. Reaching for the sky. Motorbike style. Cyclist style. Mountain rescue. Cowboy. Indian. Banker?teacher?astronomer. Bear Grylls. Doing the CONGA! Holding hands. Wheelbarrow! Piggy back! Camel. Chinese dragon. Ballerina style. Pirrouetting and pliƩing. Riverdance style. Star jumps. Side jumps. Long stretch steps. Rolling like a log. Guitar. Sax drums. Trumpet. Harp. Blind. In fog. Just after climbing off a roundabout. After a 10 mile horse ride.

Animal pretend. In a circle . . .
(imagine an animal, act the animal, the others have to guess, the guesser does the next pretend)

Find a mate // Farmyard // Birds of a Feather.
Cards with names of animals, each animal in 2 times, cubs pick card, then act and sound like their animal, must find their match.

Sense. Noisy! Cards. Animal or instrument, something that makes noise. Cubs draw card. Then make noise and have to find their match.

Lost in the Jungle
The animals in the jungle have lost their memories and forgotten their names.
Pick animal card. Must describe animal without using name. Other cubs guess.

Fizz Buzz,
3 and 5 multiples
 1 2 buzz 4 fizz buzz 7 8 buzz fizz 11 buzz 13 14 buzz-fizz 16 17 buzz 19 fizz buzz 22 . . .
3 and 5 multiples or digit appearance
 1 2 buzz 4 fizz buzz 7 8 buzz fizz 11 buzz buzz 14 buzz-fizz 16 17 buzz 19 fizz buzz 22 . . .
or other variants ..



lots of applause/cheers!

Great Big Moose scout campfire song (or Crazy Moose)

Had a great campfile last weekend with Balally scouts.
My first time being one of the people standing up between fire and audience singing a few songs.
Great fun! Phil, Stevo, Adam and James. @ glencamp 2.0 Balally 137th. No Bananas in the Sky, Button factory Joe. Heads, shoulders, knees and toes, Campfire's burning. 
Indian hand clap. Seal of approval.

One of the Beavers was singing the great big moose song before the campfire. Mixing up the lyrics alot but brilliant actions. She gave it a go at the campfire too. She has moved up to cubs now.

Another girl who is not even in Beavers yet gave a fantastic rendition of "crinkle crinkle little star". Mega stuff.

Scouts did we're going on a bear hunt.

Great Big Moose song (or Crazy Moose)
(audience repeats after leader)

There was a great big moose (there was a great big moose)
Who liked to drink a lot of juice (who liked to drink a lot of juice)
There was a GREAT BIG  moose (there was a GREAT BIG moose)
Who liked to drink a lot of juice (who liked to drink a lot of juice)

Singing way-oh, way oh (singing way-oh, way-oh)
Way-oh, way-oh, way-oh, way (way-oh, way-oh, way-oh, way)
Way-oh, way oh (way-oh, way-oh)
Way-oh, way-oh, way-oh, way (way-oh, way-oh, way-oh, way)

The moose's name was Fred.
He liked to drink his juice in bed.

He drank his juice with care,
But he spilled some in his hair.
He spilled some on the sofa
He spilled some on the TV
He spilled some EVERYWHERE

Now he’s a sticky moose.
A moose covered in juice.

All his hair went stiff.
So he combed it in a quiff.

His friends began to laugh.
So he had to take a bath.

As the water went down,
Fred the moose began to drown.
Singing glug-glug-glug-glug

Now let's all count to five.

Fred the moose is back alive.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Temporarily ignore some files with subversion. global-ignores, svn:ignore property and bash functions to add and remove elements from global-ignores

How might we temporarily ignore some files with subversion.
e.g. when doing a particular type of merge or svn diff/status

There is not an svn command-line option to do this.
Setting svn:ignore property on directory would work, but it is easier to put in a temporary global ignore.

Setting svn:ignore property on directory would work, but ...
svn propedit svn:ignore .

It is easier to put in a temporary global ignore.
edit your ~/.subversion/config file, uncomment and change the global-ignores list
global-ignores = *.o *.log
Some bash functions so adding and removing these global ignores can be automated:

function svnAddToGlobalIgnores {
 SVNGI=$(grep global-ignores ~/.subversion/config  |grep -v ^#)
 if [[ "$SVNGI" == "" ]] ; then
    echo "" >> ~/.subversion/config
    echo "global-ignores = $*" >> ~/.subversion/config
    sed -ibak "s/^\(global-ignores.*\)$/\1 $*/" ~/.subversion/config
 grep global-ignores ~/.subversion/config
function svnRmFromGlobalIgnores {
 SVNGI=$(grep global-ignores ~/.subversion/config  |grep -v ^#)
 if [[ "$SVNGI" == "" ]] ; then
    echo "nothing to do"
    for f in $*; do 
        sed -irmbak "s/^\(global-ignores.*\)$f\(.*\)$/\1\2/" ~/.subversion/config
 grep global-ignores ~/.subversion/config

svnAddToGlobalIgnores ReleaseNotes.txt ReleaseDiff.log modulerelease.tcl
svnRmFromGlobalIgnores ReleaseNotes.txt ReleaseDiff.log modulerelease.tcl