Friday, 20 September 2013

Some animal pretend cub scout games

Creating a game variant:  
Basket-ball training but with animal actions to stimulate the imagination more.
Animal-pretend games are great fun.

Basketball training 'suicide'. Very energetic. 
3 lines. Chalk. Cones. 
Run to called line, touch with hand and back. 
Listen for instruction. 
Wait for 'go'. 
Multiples. E.g. 3 1 2. Add animal, action. When touch line bark or miaow or howl or sing eeee or say the alphabet a letter when touch line. . . Walking and talking like a duck. 2. 3. Go. like a dog. Like a crab. Seal. Rabbit. Cat. Carrot!? Hopping. Jumping. Singing a song. Chanting x x x x. Snake. Frog. Bird flapping. Fish. Dinosaur. Spider. Alligator. Pirate. Pirate with a peg leg. Fireman. Policeman. Reaching for the sky. Motorbike style. Cyclist style. Mountain rescue. Cowboy. Indian. Banker?teacher?astronomer. Bear Grylls. Doing the CONGA! Holding hands. Wheelbarrow! Piggy back! Camel. Chinese dragon. Ballerina style. Pirrouetting and pliéing. Riverdance style. Star jumps. Side jumps. Long stretch steps. Rolling like a log. Guitar. Sax drums. Trumpet. Harp. Blind. In fog. Just after climbing off a roundabout. After a 10 mile horse ride.
Animal pretend. In a circle . . .
(imagine an animal, act the animal, the others have to guess, the guesser does the next pretend)

Find a mate // Farmyard // Birds of a Feather.
Cards with names of animals, each animal in 2 times, cubs pick card, then act and sound like their animal, must find their match.

Sense. Noisy! Cards. Animal or instrument, something that makes noise. Cubs draw card. Then make noise and have to find their match.

Lost in the Jungle
The animals in the jungle have lost their memories and forgotten their names.
Pick animal card. Must describe animal without using name. Other cubs guess.

Fizz Buzz,
3 and 5 multiples
 1 2 buzz 4 fizz buzz 7 8 buzz fizz 11 buzz 13 14 buzz-fizz 16 17 buzz 19 fizz buzz 22 . . .
3 and 5 multiples or digit appearance
 1 2 buzz 4 fizz buzz 7 8 buzz fizz 11 buzz buzz 14 buzz-fizz 16 17 buzz 19 fizz buzz 22 . . .
or other variants ..
lots of applause/cheers!

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