Wednesday, 3 October 2007

a couple or urls on C++, patterns and hybrid systems

In work we have some core dumps in big multithreaded C++ app that takes in tons of data and decodes and processes. Difficult to trace down. So whimsically we've had again some "Why are we using C++?" banter/trolling (Hello Mike :))

I found and flung a couple of interesting things on the web:
"Patterns are signs of weakness in programming languages."
Excellent and very simple layout of what is a design pattern anyway and nice summary/conclusion.
Blog of mjd perl guru.
Building Hybrid Systems with Boost.Python
It would be very cool to have a perl or python interface to our stuff - for testing & deployment.
Messy configuration and registration with links could be done in scripting and core in C++.
C00L! >;)

And :D BUZZ-word for today: EXPRESSIVENESS (as in writing clear/understandable code)

There's a theme song for that too!

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