Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Bill Coleman new music

Went out with P&P to see Bill in Doyles Ruby Sessions last night.
He has sprouted quite a healthy beard. And gotten 15 red t-shirts plus red-striped
band trousers. :) Slightly poorer than before with working part-time but lots of time for music.
He had last two weeks off completely from work and played 4 I think brand-new shiny songs.
I was very impressed, crowd was entranced - completely silent a few times - noticable when the music goes softer. COOL. I get blown away with the sounds and it's tremendously emotionally engaging.

Hard to describe new songs.
One of them was made in 12hrs and making was filmed for someone and it's
sent in as a pilot to rte for a musicians-compose song in 12hours type tv series.
Two of them using the voice/music capture and playback and sing/play in loop with self thingumbyjig.

A couple of Dublin ones, Purty kitchen next Sun. Supporting Gary Dunne releasing something, ...

Busy in work. Over Easter merged queue of things waiting for merge (with a few fixing of silly broken build things) and rollover tests to new versions.

BC - Bill Coleman - BC - Bag of Chips - BC - Bag of Cats - BC - Butterfly Caterpillar - Bill Coleman - BC - Big Cheese - BC - Bat Cave - BC - Big Chief - BC - Bad Cat - BC

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