Wednesday, 3 September 2008

WAH! Poor Maeve stays overtime in creche.

We rush up and Fionnuala heads with Daire and Kate to catch school bus.
My turn to bring Maeve in morning today.
Usual pleasant morning bumble around house, I'm logged into work, Maeve plays, get coffee, some housework.
I'm on motorbike so I put on gear before bringing Maeve to creche.

At 12:00 I see an email from Fionn.
How is Maeve .... ? wtf ? and :-o
I'm in Clontarf.
Uoh ohhh!
I phone Fionn and she legs it to collect Maeve!

So anyway it would have been handier if I worked from home Fri instead and then Fionn could get bus or whatever to Limerick earlier and I supervise kids while working from home in afternoon and we were talking about doing this and getting Tracy to mind Maeve Wed afternoon. And somehow it got into my head that that was what we were doing. But upon reflection there was never an actual confirm yes we will do that. And Fionn was thinking it was too late notice for Tracy.

Anyway :-7 Maeve was in Eimear's house.
And she's talked about it a couple of times since (and seems a bit chuffed to have visited it!).

"unfortunate mis-communication" =~ a strange format of massive Terabyte disk other disappearance of data.

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