Monday, 30 March 2009

DrupalCamp, Galway Apr 4th+5th

I'm going to DrupalCamp.

The event is for beginners and experts, for developers, testers, writers and graphics designers
Drupal n'Go will do websites for 3 groups on the Sunday.
There was a competition for charities and groups to enter to get their website done.
Results here:
Rural Science Association, Zikomo Ireland and Shadowbox Theatre company

Press release:
"Drupal is a powerful open source content management system [...]
Organisations such as the HEA, Galway Cycling Campaign, CROI, Oxegen, Concern Fast and
the Irish Science Gallery all use Drupal for their website."

DrupalCamp, Galway Apr 4th+5th, DERI building NUI Galway, IDA business park
General Info on DrupalCamp here:

I'm not a Drupal developer but have done lots of backend web messing :)

Of course Drupal will be obsolete if all this Cloud computing really takes over all the web stuff.
Won't it? :) anyway :-P

I'm staying here (ha ha the .asp the links don't work on sub-pages) :-P

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