Monday, 21 September 2009

book - boys adventure - Max Gordon

title: The Devil's Breath
author: David Gilman
a Max Gordon book

Finished this one last night. Another one borrowed from Daire's reading pile. Good adventure story. Max's Dad is an adventurer/eco-spy type person. Max hares off (adventure/boarding school in the moors) to London and then Namibia to rescue his Dad.

I like that the geography and people and actions are very engaging. Where geography mostly = Africa, animals, the bush. Where actions = lots of physical exertion, climbing, flying airplane.

Stop reading now! I have to be slightly picky about the technology which was done better than in many books/films. The computer details were handwaved over and passed off to his friend computer-genius Sayid a bit. Encrypted text messages. Mmm. It's difficult, if you avoid it you're missing something, if you simplify it you'll be criticised for that and if you go into it properly you'd bore 99.99902934% of people but thrill 0.0005% of them. Mmm.

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