Sunday, 24 January 2010

diary: My Fair Lady rehersals, work, toy fun, Martin party, papier maché planets, visit Clogherhead

Rehersals for My Fair Lady this week. Printed lyrics which were handy.
Wed dancing. Out in the hall so there is some more space. Ascot Gavotte is set. Walk on in couples behind, groups of ladies all with parasols in front. Also "I'm getting married" wild dance. Thur sing Little bit of Luck harmony, measuring, dancing "I'm getting married" then sing together and run the Ascot Gavotte of which I have no clue of the harmony. I put some of the bass line into rosegarden but it's proving very fiddly and music notation seems to get a little out of sync ... an extra ghost eight inserting in somewhere!?

In work finally by friday have ALL test scripts written. Weekend and Mon and Tue nightly run and test system get worse and worse with fixes and workarounds on the system and also in scripts. Logon from home in eve and check nightly, fix whatever broke it as best as can, also fix up scripts, examine logs, Kick off nightly and monitor. Thur nightly run goes well. 20 pass, 22 fail. Friday we've got things well in hand waiting to integrate in labview tests though which we do get to at 17:30.

At home school on this week, except in-service day Friday. Wed I leg it home - dancing finished 21:00 on the dot and I leg it home in car so Fionn can go to soccer.

Sat morn we have coffee and girls and I play with my christmas presents from Kate. Balloon powered helicopter and parachuting cap banger. Bit of make & do putting them together and getting balloon-copter to fly. Kate has gymnastics, Roshi brings Maeve to library, I get print cartridge and no rabbit food in woodies, Fionn other shops and meets another gymnastics Mom and kid for coffee, Daire visiting friends.

I cycle into Rathmines, St Louis school for Coram Boy rehersal. Two men with shovel and two guards/executioners. Loads of cast - teens and some kids. We stay quiet for good while and scenes set - fin 19:0x and leg it home. Shower. Some food. Martin's party. Carry tree fern over. Yum hummus, bruschetta, red wine, curry, salads. Meet Yatzek who I've often saluted as he cycles past. Other people. Douglas still into magnets, water treatment, blood treatment, fuel treatment - using divining/energy fields/lines. Tai chi and transferring weight from leg to leg techniques could be handy for dancing. I sing a couple of songs but find alcohol(/group?) causes problems with words - even kicking off very familiar ones to me. Spancil hill. Cad é sin don té sin. Fionn and I do Dúlaman later - that would be a good party one.

Sunday Daire has soccer at 10. We get up 9:45 and Fionn brings D. Kate and I work on her planets project. She papiér machés a balloon and I do an origami box then just scrunched balls (which are more spherical). We might cover them in plaster of paris when done to make surface and maybe add atmosphere somehow. Flour + ground coffee simulate a planetary surface. Bombarded with some pebbles and breadcrumbs.

We go to Cloughjordan and meet Orla and Charlie Bird on the beach. Charlie is really nice. Very quiet but really interested in other dogs. Strong enough too. Very thin. I think he's very mastif like? He's part boxer. Lovely beach for a walk. We like rocks. Kate collects shells and some small (and dead) starfish.
Visit house and get tea and tour and play with piano and mandolin.

Home -1 celcius ish and a bit but not very foggy.

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