Friday, 13 August 2010

Concerning inventors|scientists and motivations for inventing|investigating

On mad inventors/scientists the book Jonathan has loaned me is very interesting and excellent.

I'm reading the 3rd in the cycle now: The System of the World.
 The Society for the Raising of Water by Fire. (That is, using steam engines to pump water out of mines.)  has started out. I also have recently read a book for kids: Dead Famous Inventors and their Bright Ideas. 
Which through development of steam engines. Very good.
From when steam was used as curiosity/toy - ancient Greeks.
To when it was put to more practical use driving pumps - but very inefficiently.
To when the engines were improved and refined to make more efficient and less likely to explode.
 "Look out! The device for the raeising of water from mining pitts through the use of fyre is going to explode!"
 "What!? I can't hear you! The device for the raeising of water from mining pitts through the use of fyre is making too much loud hissing and creaking noises!"
 :-D lots of LOL!
 Beware, I totally misquote and paraphrase.
See p310 (p293 in scanned book = page 308 in search bar, Chap X1 Production and Application of Power 1500-1830, II Pumps.) for the newcomen Engine

Amazing how interesting economics can be made :)

I like the idea that the working inventions seem to fall out as side effects of the efforts of attempting to invent completely mad things! Flight seems to have been a very common starting motive for many to get started. And living forever seems to be another.

Mercury the element/liquid, Mercury the god/planet.

Mercury: or the Secret and Swift Messenger
"Shewing how a man may with privacy and speed communicate his thoughts to a friend at any distance" by John Wilkins

cONcerning cryptography and communications.
see chapter 15 on comms: 
C H A P . I 5 .
Concerning the swiftnesse of informati-
    ons, either by
qualities, as the impressi-
    on of imagination, and the sensitive spe-
    cies; or by spirituall
substances, as

The Method observed in Transfusing the bloud out of one Animal into another.

fascinating stuff!

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