Friday, 8 March 2013

Honda bros stolen 5pm today park west business park, Dublin, Ireland

:-( My motorbike was stolen today. From in front of where I work. Park West Business Park, Dublin. About 5pm. 
Two guys came in red van. Some people in building spotted them, saw them breaking ignition with hammer and making off. Got got reg of van.

If you're in Dublin then please keep an eye out for bike and pass warning on to other bikers. 
Lots of people coming and going at that time. They did it very quickly.

Bike is Honda Bros 400. reg 91 WX 3808. Was not locked. :(

Distinguishing features:

Left foot peg is broken! First time on bike this week for a while for me (after damaging my thumb in a tiling incident) and I dropped bike! Slipped off side stand at garage :-E. Anyway, left foot of whoever is riding it will be getting a bit tired.

Also very little petrol in it. No petrol gague and key needed to open tank so lets hope they run out of petrol. :-P

Bike also had givi box on back (and stand for box - and yellow/black helmet in box) and muffs on handlebars when stolen. See pic.

Gardai think bike might be used in a robbery. :-7 

If anyone might know a guy who knows some other guys that might know something I'd appreciate any news.


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