Thursday, 16 October 2014

boldly going where no man has gone before . . . perhaps . . . with Android Studio . . . and a review of Android Sensor graphing/recording/visualising apps

A nice list of resources for getting started with Android Studio by Peter/Golgi:

I have tried Android Studio out for a few things now. And generally found I can get an app built and working easily enough (usually after a bit of updating of SDK and libraries in the studio). As updates come out Android Studio is getting better.

My last experiment was importing and building the cute Android Tricorder which is not available in play store for some time now. Source code here: Import code. The Tricorder depends on hermitLibrary and hermitAndroid and the import took care of each module. Build errors gave helpful clues to what was needed to be done to solve them. Update SDK versions needed. Edit build.gradle a little. Needed to find junit test libraries. Fiddle a bit. And tah dahh. We have an .apk and lovely beepy tricorder on my phone again.

There is a-lot going on under the hood. I am gradually getting used to not knowing about every tiny detail of the build process. While it works it's all good. We can certainly work with this for a while :-). I'm sure we(the royal we) shall learn more as we use it and go under the hood when required.

As usual with Android if you want a Tricorder-like app on phone there are a good few to choose from. It took a while to find one which would record the values. 

The AndroSensor app wins. Very usable interface though it looks a little clunky and with ads. Perfect for recording data. You can select which sensors you are interested in.
View and record data from sensors. View numeric or graph for different sensors. Record to csv. Nice and simple. I want to send this up in a bottle rocket!
Sensor Box - Nice visual widgets
Open source, Apache licence - Clunky but simple and ready for hacking. Graph sensors one at a time. Zoom/scrollable graph after stop sampling.
Display data and graphs for sensors. Log and share files. Interactive graph while sampling. $ for file sharing and data but good app without it.
Shows values for Sensors WiFi Telephony GPS Battery Multi-Touch-Test-Graph System-Info
Just a couple of sensors work without $$. Nice interface. but UNINSTALL
An Audio Spectrum Analyzer grand . . . but :-P UNINSTALL
Sensors - text values shown from sensors. Can take a snapshot of values. Neat. But UNINSTALL  SciScanner
$$ Very Nice GUI, Solar, Geo, Weather, Audio, Magnetics, GPS(free), Gyro(free), Device(free), Camera

$$ looks nice
LCARS star trek next generation various apps

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