Thursday, 5 February 2015

SoundCloud - nicely done service for sharing music/audio

I uploaded sound recordings from practice for Anything Goes Musical last night to SoundCloud. The playback experience for users is really good. They can play it back on phone or computer. Nicely integrated with facebook. See screenshot of the practice playlist from within facebook.

My brother Bill introduced me to SoundCloud a while back.
He has some nice music on there - some polished and some experimental songs of his.
screenshot of Bill's SoundCloud page

Playback and managing playlists and audio clip info is nice. Also visually appealing. 

For a Google Play review of SoundCloud:

Very good for sharing recordings or music.

We are using SoundCloud to share practice clips for musical rehearsals. Once in SoundCloud sharing to facebook or other and playback is very well done, beauty and functionality. Share playlists of recordings. Users can play from within facebook or browser or get SoundCloud app. Upload using Android app is a bit basic - have to name each item, add pic (pic is good visual clue users can easily see clips from different songs) e.t.c. - but uploading direct from smartphone saves time transferring sounds.
SoundCloud are a Swedish outfit now established in Berlin, Germany.
MySpace killer - allow sharing of music public or private - embed anywhere.

The Android App:

The playlist for Anything Goes Musical practice. Mostly for male part harmonies.

We (Glencullen Dundrum MDS) are on-stage in the Mill Theatre in Dundrum (Dublin, Ireland) from March 24 to 28.

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