Friday, 8 May 2015

Ideas for support for 30k speed limit. Slogan idea: "70% Living - 30k Traffic"

"70% Living - 30k Traffic"   
 - I like this one. Implies that:
   - if you go at 20k Living gets up to 80%  :-) 
   - if you go at 40k Living goes down up to 60%   :-(

"70% Living - 30k Traffic"   
Traffic, Please Allow some Space for Living.
Be Gentle in Residential Areas.

we can draw a graph showing dominance of traffic . . . sorry! very scribbley!

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"The Dublin Cycling Campaign, together with, strongly support the introduction of widespread 30Kp/h zones in the city, particularly in residential streets and in the vicinity of schools. In fact we are calling for 30Kp/h to be the default speed limit in urban areas, with higher speed only allowed where they are shown to be safe."

I started with something like "Thirty Together".
But the emphasis on the speed is wrong.
The emphasis should be on Bigger Traffic taking care of Less Powerful People.

"100% Living Area - 30k Traffic Zone"

"70% Living Area - 30k Traffic Zone"

"30k for a better way" - mbleh :-P but fits in with changing priority from traffic to living

"Living Area - Traffic take care at 30k"

"Living Area - Traffic Welcome up to 30k"

Considerate traffic will already be doing 30k or less where there are vulnerable road users around.

"Take a moment to enjoy this living area at a max of 30k . . . " meh

"Welcome to this Living Area - Traffic Please be Gentle with our People"

Thirty Together - Priority for Life, Living People - Welcome to this Living Area
Traffic Tolerated at max 30kph in this Shared Living Area
Welcome to our Shared Living Area.
Priority for Living - Playing - Walking.

 - sharing of space and that priority should be for living - playing - walking not for transport.
Pointing out 
 - that traffic (of all kinds bike, car, bus, truck) is bigger, more powerful than people
 - that traffic is a guest in the area
 - that traffic should treat those less powerful gently

The streets need to look like a pedestrianised district - underfoot, layout and signage.
Emphasising that motorised traffic does not have ownership of the road in the area.

With Inspiration from the Dutch woonerf - "shared street" and "car is the guest" ideas.

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living, residential

area, farmyard
allowable, permitted, accepted, tolerated, admissible, permissible, tolerable, afforded

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