Thursday, 28 April 2016

more eventful than usual commute to work: bike crash run

Maeve & I grand off to school.
Rain had fallen, roads a bit wet but warmer than last 2 days.

On way down past the goat traffic moving a bit slow.
Just before left turn traffic started moving.
A car turned on indicator and went left right in front of me (I was just level with his rear). 
Cut straight across in front of me. Crash. Totally took me out. 
Wet morn, my brakes v good but he just drove straight into my side.
I would have been on his bonnet only he stopped.
I fell fine: left wrist, right elbow/hand, left knee
  jumped up and down so physically v good
Bike  ok too apart from scrapes
Driver was ok. At least he stopped & checked I was ok.
He was also ok  but clueless - I'm not to worry about the scrapes on his car!! :-E
His left wing mirror was bent forward so now he cannot use it to check for bikes from behind. :-7
Anyway. I'm too nice.

Front brake disc rubbed on way in.
So I brought it to think bike for service (due it's new bike 5 week service). The guy fixed the front wheel immediately - was just misaligned. Thanks

No dublin bike card. Oop! So 3k run to work.

Crash just after the 5k mark.

yay. I can still run.
with bumpy bag on back.
adjusting shove jacket into bag to stop tools and lunchbox whacking my lower back.
and oops a fence climb at one spot.

I'm cautious enough undertaking and usually can stop but the timing of this - car turned right into me - I couldn't do anything.
I have bright flashing light facing forward which helps cars see me.
I also wear a yellow jacket - good chunk of bright colour which helps drivers.

Work work work. Cdrs.
OMNOM NOM lunch. Scout texts phone calls whatsapp facebook.
Work work (bash scripts. Jenkins. Traffic control tests.

Quite an eventful day! Evening was busy too. Legged it home. Run. Fun poking @ 3 dub bike terminals, FenianSt and MerrionSqEast don't have credit card terminals contrary to map? FitzWilliamSt one gave me bike. But not a 3 day ticket. Bike. Mad weather. Blustery wind. Spitting rain. Run. Collect my bike. Bike home. Lovely rainbow. A bike catches up with me. "Here's pant your wallet pant you dropped it pand last traffic lights pant". THANK YOU! Hi to visitors Fionns Mum and Dad. Fionn gives me food. I go with Kate to scout den. Loaded van. Up to larch hill. Gear on site. Marquee up. Home.

I have left alot out! Busy day.

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