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Recipe: Mackerel with spinach and apple

Recipe: Mackerel with spinach and apple

As usual winging it in the kitchen. Successful and tasty soup and fish for tea today.
The selection of ingredients depends often on what is there, what needs to be used.

Apple baked with the mackerel was a nice combination. James & Fionnuala and the girls liked it alot.

    2 plums
    2-3 tomatoes
    4 mushrooms (optional but good especially if you have a wife who loves them!)
    half a red onion
    mackerel - 3 fillets (Aldi's best)
    apple - tart(as in a bit sour) (my Mum and Dad brought some up from Cobh this Monday)
    spinach - we got a bag with the organic fruit & veg box
    oil, salt, pepper
    squeeze of lemon

   Turn on oven ~190 degrees.
   De-stone and slice plums, slice tomatoes, slice & dice onion, remove stalk from mushrooms.
   Put those in pyrex baking dish (some oil in first) and mix and put in oven.
   Shred/Chop some spinach - add spinach to dish in oven and mix in.
      (this was done a while after the rest baked a bit as I was making soup @ the same time).
   Add a small amount of lemon juice to dish in oven.
   Stir the dish in oven once or twice.
   Keep 3 large spinach leaves aside for the fish.

   Slice apple into wedges (quarter the apple, remove core/pips, slice).
   Take fish out of packet, rinse.
   Lay fish on a dish(I had it in a jug), season, put on oil, put apple on top.
   Squeeze on a small amount of lemon juice.
   13 mins to serving time put on the fish:
       Lay each fillet on a spinach leaf and lay wedges of apple on top.
       Lay side by side on top of the dish in oven.

   The apple stuck to top of mackerel and spinach stuck under.
   The spinach+fish+apple were easy to lift off and put on plate.
   Serve the mix underneath beside the fish.

We had soup with fish (and for he who didn't fancy fish):

Soup with 3 potatoes diced, half a butternut squash (deseeded but with skin) diced, 1 leek, 2 small carrots diced, some turmeric (the real root - small slices), grated ginger, chopped spinach, a black chilli pepper, a jug of vegetable broth(or stock), water, seasoning (salt, pepper, curry powder)
In that order (more or less) add ingredients and fry with oil first. Stirring frequently. If taking too long dicing and there is danger of burning then add some broth. You want to fry/broil the hard veg for a bit. I had broth from cooking potatoes + carrot + onion earlier in day. Add enough water at end to give a nice soup consistency not too thick. Spinach was added at end after heat was turned off.
After all cooked then buzz to smooth.

Serve with toast & butter.

Earlier on we had mash potato with black pudding, brocolli and eggs. (and some beans)

Mashed potato.
Potatoes roughly chopped. Carrot diced. Onion diced.
Boil potatoes with a small amount of salt in water. (some brine from an olive jar does nicely)
Add carrot and onion.
When potatoes  cooked (not soft/disentegrating) drain.
Keep the broth for making soup later.
Add some butter and a splash on milk.

Serve with black pudding, egg, brocolli stalk and head fried with turmeric.

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