Tuesday, 17 January 2017

weekend B(ullet?)Log, fix guitar, bike maintenance, photo sync, visit Limerick

 x repair Maeve's guitar using wood glue, leave for 48hrs

 - Drove down & back from Limerick. Met Eimear&Stephen&Aoife.
 x rsync'd photos james laptop -> USB drive
 x look for Maeve school photos -  found a few cute ones but not for sending to journal
 x Strung/tuned guitar. But as strings tightened glue stretched :-(

  x fix guitar with superglue
  x fix Kate bike one set brake pads replaced
  x fix Maeve bike brake squeal (brake cables oiled, tightened // front brake pads fully off and back on - nuts were in ok order // BALANCED each side of brakes front and back (spring adjusted screws both sides)
  x fix James bike disc brake pads (from Halfords) back brake was worn just down to metal, front brake less worn but replaced
  x fixed 3 bike tubes
  x Strung/tuned guitar. But as strings tightened glue stretched :-(

  x Strung/tuned guitar. But the superglue is not holding.
  x Repair guitar using glue + bracket. (cut the bracket)
  x Strung/tuned guitar. repair is holding.
  . guitar bracket flush, round bottom corner, hammer a curve in it
  - need a mini-anvil :)

  x morn: tuned guitar - it's starting to hold in tune ok, Maeve tested it

  x gave rationality.pdf Harry Potter to Kate/...
  . reading graphic novel last man Y

for Wed/future . . .
  . Glenmalure hike plan
  . scouts plan hike for Jan/Feb ?
  . scouts PLC . . long term plan . . adventures, skills, special interest, Survivor, County Cup
  . scouts Annual Camp plans
  . scouts County meetings/activities
  . scouts James leader training
  . Cycling submission: DART crossing/Booterstown
  . DLR fernhill submission

Looked @ Bullet Journal mechanics:




This blog acts as an occasional diary or article log for me.
I have a book for Scouts and work which is diary/planner journal.
I have often scrappy bits of paper with task lists or planning ideas.
Also task manager app, google calendar, gmail, .. .


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