Thursday, 5 July 2007

notepad quote 0xa1 not 0x22 ? php

Fionn has a php problem and I notice in email her quotes don't look the same.
She is editing in windows notepad.

but you have bad quotes!!

  good: ">",
  bad:  ”>”,

0000130: 2e22 3e22 2c0a 0a20 2067 6f6f 643a 2022  .">",..  good: "
0000140: 3e22 2c0a 2020 6261 643a 2020 a13e a12c  >",.  bad:  .>.,
0000150: 0a0a 0a                                  ...

good quotes are 0x22  your bad quotes are 0xa1  some extended ascii character

HTH  == hopefully this helps  (or appropriately scary Hand-To-Hand ascii-jujitsu),

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