Monday, 16 July 2007

svn switch in svn FAQ (and posting patch without attatchment - DOH!)

Yay! :) The svn people go fast.

FAQ into svn svn and onto web while we were away visiting Cobh for the weekend.

I investigated the svn switch thing and make a FAQ entry but then
started to understand the problem so had to investigate more and
revise emails and the FAQ entry I had made. A few late nights last week.

Anyway eventually got everything together and posted to the svn dev list.
WITHOUT the patch for the FAQ entry!!! :( DOH.
But clever svn person Karl Fogel got it from the copy I put up for review.
And everyone is very nice on the dev and users list.

For Thunderbird I have found this: Check and Send extension:
YouI have to configure it and add list of attach keywords "attach|patch|attached|attachment"
it works! Warning dialog and lots of lovely yellow highlighting.

My internal paranoid over-shoulder watcher has not been good last week.
With root too :(
It's very twitchy now though.

  user@develop$ cd
  user@develop$ ls -al
   [ lots of stuff owned as root ]
  user@develop$  su -
  root@develop$ chown -r user:user .

  telnet was method of connecting to machine and telnet in broken after that  spectacularily unspectacular method of making a huge mess. :(

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