Friday, 17 August 2007

Motorbike test

To: jonathan coburn @


 Just a note to say thank-you for the day of training I did with you.
 I got alot from the lesson and I'm still practicing/absorbing the information.
 Especially on position & control with cornering, observation and slow speed.

 One thing I realised after the training that with slow speeds my clutch hand was instinctively
 following throttle hand. If I wanted to speed up my clutch hand was actually squeezing
 and the opposite for slowing down.  Is this common?  I'm aware of it now and it is
 getting better. Keeping the throttle constant and controlling speed with clutch works much better.

 I had the test 11:30 on Friday and passed.

 The test went pretty well though I made a mess of the U-turn.
 I got 5 grade 2 faults: position turning right, observation turning left,
   clearance stationary vehicles, motorcycles safety glance and u-turn.
 One grade 1 fault position on the straight.
 The U-turn was done on the concrete roads in the estate opposite Nutgrove shopping centre.
 There was plenty of room only I was shaky at start and didn't turn tightly enough.
 Observed and bumped up off of the road even onto shallow driveway exit.
 Not dangerous but a really terrible U-turn!
 Other slow manouveres were done well though.

 That's it. Thank-you! :)


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