Saturday, 15 September 2007

new GPS toy

Got a lovely blinky (blue) bluetooth GPS from ebay.
First play with it. Talking to palm with Cetus GPS (and coto GPS).
Works very nicely with palm.

blinky Bluetooth GPS -> PalmOS Cetus GPS -> pilot-link -> GPS

We drove to Dundalk Sat afternoon and visited Fionn's Grandad and her Mum & Dad.
We brought Kate's bike and Daire's ball.
I mostly played outside. We had a football goal game with me carrying Maeve half the time around .75 of the house.
Daire won! 5-4.  Girls and me vs Daire. Kate on bike.
Kate has been doing Gaelic pick-ups (from ground) and then kick in air.
She does drop-kicks.   
Initially was balancing on one leg and taking long slow time drawing other leg back before kicking.
Fionn helps to cook fry for tea. Kids Uncle Hugh visits too.
Kate still playing outside on bike in dark until we leave.

Manual is a bit light. And funny windows interface software is weird (& doesn't work easily USB-bluetooth funny connection interface?)
It says GPS technology NemeriX GPS Chipset. Hmmm.
I wonder can it record any points itself. Or ...

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