Friday, 14 September 2007

sufferin' back thyres

Since start of school I cycled following bus to school a bit, also collected Kate by bike first two weeks.
Back tyre at end of two weeks had puncture (but also rip in tyre). That repaired but after cycle home from work
yesterday now have puncture again (tyre repair with rubber + duct tape but it wears on tube). Need new tyre and tube (26x1.5).
Weight of Kate on back combined with rough road surface and bumps up/down onto bike lanes and footpaths is
quite wearing. Back tyre is a 1.25 streetrunner (as couldn't get a 1.5 last time).

Jumping off bike (when back tyre soft so jumping off to pump it) I didn't notice but caught left index finger on something (between brake and gear lever?). Noticed it after a little bit. Yeow all swollen and stiff and a little bit ow.  Arnica applied at home.

I've just discovered pirates vs ninjas and I think talk-like-a-pirate day is coming up. Sep 19th. Gahrrr!
(sorry about that, writing subject line in pirate Yosemite-Sam style makes for distraction)
How to kiss like a ninja:

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