Thursday, 10 July 2008

motorbike puncture

eep! After up work on computer merges, emails kick off more stuff.
Then breakfast, shower, girls breakfast/lunch.
Out to motorbike and it has a puncture again!
Hello to new next-door neighbours.

Ohhh. Nearly decide to cycle. But will have to get it fixed sometime. Merges running ... so have some time SO I head to Maxol for temporary plug and decide to get it to motorbike shop in town. Och also despite trickle charging in night won't start (last time used last Friday - cycled to work Mon & Tue). Free-wheeling down hill not easy with flat tyre. I get off & run beside & get engine going. At Maxol get warm inside motorbike clothes (Park up, hello, wheel over, inflate SSSSSSssssssssssss, yep, same hole, looks like some of plug leaked out and smeared across wheel. How? Not sure. Wheel it back, plugged. Back over, inflate. Yay. Looks good. Won't start again though. Phoo. Run with bike again. VRMMMM. Then back over, gear on and head away.)

Into town Drummartin link - right beside Dodder at Clonskeagh, left at RDS, right at the schoolhouse, left ... ask at car tyre repair place and he sends me around a couple of corners to Ken in bike shop. Can get new tyre 130 euros. Tomorrow. First says plugging is grand, there's life in the tyre ... but I might save me some time.

On to work. Phoo need coffee and the guys are making some and kindly include me.

Then mostly merging, checking tests, fixing builds, some emails in day.

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