Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Walks in South Dublin hills, Dublin Mountain Initiative

Weekend before last I walked up by hellfire club, Massey's wood and then up further in woods and hills near there with Martin and friends.

On Sunday Fionnuala showed me the walk up to the Blue light. We put trailgators on both our bikes. Kate with Fionnuala and Maeve with me. Cycled to bottom then climbed up. Had fruit at the top outside small houses with lots of interesting statues outside. Met some horses (had an apple core to give one), met lady in sweet shop, had a guinness for me :) and then back down.

Lashed rain in morning but lovely and sunny for us.
Midedle of path had mud & leaves washed cleanly away.
Up near top at boggy place a spring was welling up, looked like maybe a big pool would form if someone stood in the wrong place.

The Dublin Mountains Initiative gave a talk at the Green Party meeting.
Very interesting. Had seen DMI before and liked the ideas alot. Impressed with the list of organisations they're affiliated with but it makes sense really. Woah. 45000 associated members :). I think DMI are providing the vision and it looks like they've also got coilte, the county councils and parks & wildlife all on board. Things also seem to be moving forward. Initial reports done and now a study area is formed in places extending to the National park. The ideas on rambler buses sound excellent.
http://dublinmountains.ie/ Maybe less cars will invade the area and more people enjoying the outdoors :-)
Hopefully this will also benefit the locals!
The walk in the hills was lovely but somehow it is always a bit annoying to drive to the walk.
And then if walking and have to go on road you have to watch out.

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