Thursday, 16 October 2008

other kids misfortune in Duinrell

We were in Duinrell near/in Wassenaar in THe Netherlands for a few days.
We went over to a nice oldish section of the park where Rick de kikker has some boats, fun water squirting things, scary fast slides/rides.

This one wasn't too bad.
There were a few places where you got squirted with water as you innocently passed by.
This one had a button you could stand by and press whenever a kid entered the wet section of the path.
Our kids were braving it ... and getting a bit wet each time.
In fact Kate decided standing on the jets of water worked quite well.
A strange girl though went to zoom through at top speed just as water started and what with the floor being wet and all slipped and crashed down. Oh my she roared! She fell on her side so no injury but I did feel a bit guilty for pressing the water button!
p.s. Kate didn't find out about the button until back in Ireland looking at the photos.

This one was worse.
Daire went in a tub that gets ratcheted up a slope then zooms down slide and shoots out over water tethered with rope to splash land. Daire went on grand. I helped him. I really don't like these things and avoided this one. But when we were going to get on raft in the following picture, we were opposite the tub. There was a kid in it crying and his Dad was trying to do something. I offered to help but ... the Dad wanted to pull the rope and send the tub on it's way!!! Uhmmm. No. Kid really really doesn't seem to want to do this. "Go on! He'll enjoy it!" Uhmm. No. Sorry. I don't think I can do that to the kid. Then the thing timed out and doors opened. "Oerrr! c'mon Daire let's jump on this raft and RUN AWAY!"

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