Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Summer photo updates


I just put some photos on the web this night.
And mailed them to some people.


Holidays in Holland.
Two days in Rotterdam.
10 days in De Lage Vuursche and visit Baarn. And Rachel visits us.

We meet Siebe (and Hidde and Benthe) in Utrecht.
We go on a pedal boat with Hans and find Blackberries.

We stay 4/5 days in Duinrell (Wassenaar) and then fly home from Schiphol.

Trains and buses everywhere.
Good fun actually.
Moving suitcases quite manageable really.
I had the heavy green one, Daire the big orange one, Fionn had buggy+Maeve+Kate.
Steps/lifts in train stations were the most awkward thing.

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