Thursday, 4 December 2008

Oliver! musical play/scene list

I made playlist so I have a vague idea when to go where in the musical.
We've had 2 dress-rehersals Sun + Mon in theatre, staged dress rehersal Tue with full audience and and completely full performance last night.
Tonight a shorter show 5:15 then at 8:00 full performance. Then one Friday and on Saturday matinee + evening.

Scene 1 Workhouse Dining Hall
"Food, Glorious Food" Oliver, kids Chorus
"Please, sir. May I have some more?"
"Oliver, Oliver" Widow Corney, Mr Bumble, Oliver and kids
Scene 2 Workhouse Parlour ... and into Street
"I Shall Scream" Widow Corney, Mr Bumble
"Boy For Sale" Mr Bumble, Oliver, street people, Mr Sowerberry
Scene 3 The Undertaker's
Liberal terms ...
"That's Your Funeral" Mr Sowerberry, Mrs Sowerberry, Mr Bumble
"Where is Love?" Oliver
morning - fight - ecape Oliver, Noah, Charlotte, Mr&Mrs Sowerberry, Bumble
Scene 4 Paddington Green
"Consider Yourself" Oliver meets Dodger
"Consider Yourself" Adult Chorus
Scene 5/6 Thieves' Kitchen
"Pick a Pocket or Two" Fagin and Gang
"It's a Fine Life" Nancy, Bet, Gang
"I'd Do Anything" Artful Dodger, Nancy, Bet, Oliver, Fagin, Gang
"Be Back Soon" Fagin and Gang
Scene ~7 Street
Oliver is caught stealing from Mr Brownlow – Dodger,Jack,Bow-Street-Runners

Scene 1 The Three Cripples
"Oom-Pah-Pah" Nancy and Company
"My Name" Bill Sikes
"As Long as He Needs Me" Nancy
Scene 2 The Brownlow's
"Where is Love?" (reprise) Mrs. Bedwin, Oliver
"Who Will Buy?" Oliver and Street sellers
doctor's visit Mr Brownlow, Doctor, Oliver, Mrs Bedwin
Oliver goes with books Mr Brownlow, Doctor, Book boy, Oliver, Mrs Bedwin
"Who Will Buy?" Oliver and Street sellers and Chorus
Nancy catches Oliver
Scene 3 Thieves' Kitchen
Nancy & Bill argument
"Reviewing the Situation" Fagin
Scene 4 Workhouse Parlour and into the Street
honeymoon bliss over for Mr and Mrs Bumble
old lady visits Mrs Bumble - locket
"Oliver" (reprise) Mrs Bumble, Mr Bumble
Scene 5 Mr Brownlow's and into the Street
... Mr Bumble, Mr Brownlow
... Nancy, Mr Brownlow
"As Long as He Needs Me" (reprise) Nancy
Scene 6 London Bridge
Nancy with Oliver caught by Bill Sykes and murdered, Mr Brownlow, street people, BSRs...
? "Reviewing the Situation" Fagin
Finale Full Company kids, adults

Snippets of songs (with the lyrics that tend to trip people up):

Consider yourself at home
Consider yourself one of the family
We've taken to you so strong.
It's clear we're going to get along.

Consider yourself well in
Consider yourself part of the furniture
There isn't a lot to spare
Who cares what ever we've got we share

If it should chance to be we should see some harder days
Empty larder days. Why grouse?
Always a chance we1ll meet somebody to foot the bill
Then the drinks are on the house.

[[ or second time round: ]]

Nobody tries to be lah-di-dah and uppity
There's a cup of tea for all
Only it's wise to be handy with a rolling pin
When the landlord comes to call

Consider yourself our mate
We don't want to have no fuss.
For after some consideration we can state
Consider yourself one of us!

Who will buy This wonderful morning?
Such a sky You never did see!
Who will tie It up with a ribbon
And put it in a box for me?
Who will buy This wonderful feeling?
I'm so high I swear I could fly.
Me, oh my! I don't want to lose it
So what am I to do To keep the sky so blue?

For finale:

I'd do anything
For you, dear, anything
For you mean ev'rything to me.
I know that I'd go anywhere Humm
For your smile, anywhere
For your smile ev'rywhere I'd see.
Let the clouds of grey come along Quietly
Never mind if they come along
Surely they won't stay very long
If you'll only say
You're mine alone.
I'd risk ev'rything Out loud!
For this kiss ev'rything
Yes I'd do anything, anything for you!

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