Thursday, 4 December 2008

Oliver playlist with backstage from my point of view

Here is something like what really happens backstage from my perspective (leaving out loads!)

Scene 1 Workhouse Dining Hall

get ALL the kids QUICK QUICK!

"Food, Glorious Food" Oliver, kids Chorus
"Please, sir. May I have some more?"
"Oliver, Oliver" Widow Corney, Mr Bumble, Oliver and kids
Scene 2 Workhouse Parlour ... and into Street
"I Shall Scream" Widow Corney, Mr Bumble

Go house Left with Ronnie, 2nd couple to walk on.

"Boy For Sale" Mr Bumble, Oliver, street people, Mr Sowerberry

Consider purchasing scrawny orphan, chat silently, nod to other street people.
Exit house right (avoiding other couples going L, the undertaker Mr. Bumble ond Oliver exiting in middle!)
Offstage grab corner of coffin and lug it into place on stage.

Scene 3 The Undertaker's
Liberal terms ...
"That's Your Funeral" Mr Sowerberry, Mrs Sowerberry, Mr Bumble
"Where is Love?" Oliver
morning - fight - ecape Oliver, Noah, Charlotte, Mr&Mrs Sowerberry, Bumble

Blackout. Go onstage, lid onto coffin, grab corner and lug it offstage.

Scene 4 Paddington Green
"Consider Yourself" Oliver meets Dodger

Ready to enter from House Left, Chris Aoife James Dee .. ..
Watch out for wheelbarrow coming off.
Need to really RUSH on fast.

"Consider Yourself" Adult Chorus

dance! sing! prance! SMILE! :D
exit House Right.

Scene 5/6 Thieves' Kitchen

Hello Daire! Time for a cup of coffee and a biscuit and a chat for some adults.

"Pick a Pocket or Two" Fagin and Gang
"It's a Fine Life" Nancy, Bet, Gang
"I'd Do Anything" Artful Dodger, Nancy, Bet, Oliver, Fagin, Gang
"Be Back Soon" Fagin and Gang
Scene ~7 Street
Oliver is caught stealing from Mr Brownlow. Dodger,Jack,Bow-Street-Runners

Scene 1 The Three Cripples
"Oom-Pah-Pah" Nancy and Company

onstage for curtain up for oom-pah-pah
This is all changed so not sure what's going on! At House R with Niamh at start.
After Bill Sykes arrives back to house R cowering with Caoimhe or Valerie or ...
pubness and drink (gin) and laughing and chatting.

"My Name" Bill Sikes

Shocked when Nancy is slapped.
Leg it offstage House R when Bill Sykes shouts.

"As Long as He Needs Me" Nancy

Scoot around to House L. After song blackout - grab table + cups exit House R.

Scene 2 The Brownlow's
"Where is Love?" (reprise) Mrs. Bedwin, Oliver
"Who Will Buy?" Oliver and Street sellers

nobody is walking on to buy strawberries/milk/... anymore

doctor's visit Mr Brownlow, Doctor, Oliver, Mrs Bedwin
Oliver goes with books Mr Brownlow, Doctor, Book boy, Oliver, Mrs Bedwin

move into stage, up steps onto back platfrom.
Carl - Carmel and me - Gareth and John Power - Brendan below.

"Who Will Buy?" Oliver and Street sellers and Chorus

JOYOUSLY! :) to sky and other chorus singers

Nancy catches Oliver

move into stage, chat to rose seller+Gareth.
Then looking at Nancy grabbing oliver. Then Bill Sykes.
Exit House L

Scene 3 Thieves' Kitchen
Nancy & Bill argument
"Reviewing the Situation" Fagin
Scene 4 Workhouse Parlour and into the Street
honeymoon bliss over for Mr and Mrs Bumble
old lady visits Mrs Bumble - locket
"Oliver" (reprise) Mrs Bumble, Mr Bumble
Scene 5 Mr Brownlow's and into the Street
... Mr Bumble, Mr Brownlow
... Nancy, Mr Brownlow
"As Long as He Needs Me" (reprise) Nancy
Scene 6 London Bridge
Nancy with Oliver caught by Bill Sykes and murdered, Mr Brownlow, street people, BSRs...

Brownlow finds Nancy's body. "Murder Murder!" John Power in.
me and various street people coming in.
shock woe. who? what?
Emma - It's Nancy!
Bow-street-runners arrive. Search Fagin's den.
wah oh ... Bill Sykes appears up on bridge. Crowd spots him.
BANG! (James shot the poor fellow on Tuesday)
more shock woe ahhh.
Where's Fagin.
Crowd goes to 3 cripples to lynch Fagin.

? "Reviewing the Situation" Fagin
Finale Full Company kids, adults

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