Sunday, 4 January 2009


So _anyway_.

I had to, you see John's in Australia and posting news to facebook.

Actually I'm impressed. Good one-stop-show/compilation of blog/pictures/urls/messages.
Fast site. And very featureful. But simple in the important places.
I was tickled when sending a message to John as part of a Christmas present - tickets to a Peter Pan show in Sydney, I included urls for the theatre venue and group. And facebook picked a bunch of images from those urls to use as iconof the message. perfect! snazzy. nice.
Here is me on there (if'n ye can see):

Signed up on it (facebook) just before Christmas.
Ex-colleagues and long lost friends and current friends are added to a snowball/mini-avalanche rythm.
Theatre group (Glencullen Musical and Dramatic society) friends appeared today.
*Friend* *Friend* *Friend* *Friend* *Friend*
Uohhh I feel so loved!
Got lots of the components of an effective drug! Oerrr.

Incidentially went to Tallaght to do some singing for Jack and the Beanstalk in rehersal.
Motorbiked out and collected Fionnuala's phone which was rescued from somewhere up three rock on the way.
Very very little singing done. Bits and pieces mostly in Act 1.
Panto looks like loads of fun. Quite messy yet though! It starts Friday. eek! :)
Tom posted a pantomime script resource:

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