Tuesday, 6 January 2009

simple linux cd burn fail

Have I not done this before multiple times.
What? Has changed?

xcdroast and cdrtools both fail.
Probably trying to burn too fast and even though error in burn fixated/finalized disk at end.
This theory is arrived at much later.

Then I discover there is war with two versions of cdrtools.
ubuntu's default cdrecord is of course debian's "impure"? fork cdrkit cdrtools.
But also the "true"?/"pure"? cdrtools fail - besides being a bit weird to build.
And yes there is amusement browsing the history of edits on those wikipedia pages :)

I'm inclined to think the original developer should get alot of credit for cdrtools.
But this use of smake thing is strange and licencing of make system not gnu also strange.
Comment that gnu make not maintained since 1998 is funny seeing as I'm on the gnu make mailing list for the last few years.
I wonder what his problem was originally 10 years ago.

InfraRecorder on windows wins. http://infrarecorder.org/
One saving grace is that this is also open source and is based on cdrtools!
Author notes they moved from cdrtools to cdrkit version sometime.
Interesting output from cdrecord in InfraRecorder: DMA is too slow, can't do 18x speed, 10x speed should be okay.
This could have been part of problem on linux with both xcdroast and cdrecord.

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