Friday, 27 February 2009

Last day for me in CommProve today

Last day for me in CommProve ( today.
I made apple buns.
Mike brought lemon merangue.
Pub lunch.
I cycled to and from.

New laptop installed with ubuntu.
Windows bare installed but not network/wireless capable until a bunch more drivers are sourced from somewhere on the internet.
Ubuntu 8.10 intrepid Ibex a joy to install.
Repartitioning, dual boot, sound, graphics + openGL, network/wireless ...
Firefox bookmarks + passwords sync with Foxmarks.

Note to self:
rsync -avz --partial --progress user@server:dir ./
gtar -zcvf dotfiles.tgz .[a-zA-Z]*
wget -r -l 1 -k --save-cookies cookies.txt --load-cookies -S --keep-session-cookies --proxy=on --no-check-certificate https://server/whatever
# and rm .ssh/known_hosts as appropriate ... :-7


niallm said...

Oop! Good luck! Where are you going?

gaoithe said...

Hello Niall.
I'm not quite set to go anywhere in that sense yet. :)
I'm looking around alright.
I did a couple of interviews so far (Amazon, WorkDay, PocketKings) but I'm still looking.
Visit to Cobh next week and I'll have to dust of ye windsurfe board.