Friday, 6 February 2009

snow week

It snowed nicely Sunday night and melted a little and snowed more Monday.
Tuesday was meant to have even more snow but it was warmer, some sleet/rain and it melted.
Thur it snowed during day then froze in the night.
Kids went to school alright Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur.
Kids walked with friends on Monday to school and had some snow fun on the way.
In school though they weren't allowed out at playtime ... because there was snow!! :(
On Tue they were allowed out to play - Daire was on First Aid duty and they were really busy.
2 of them from 5th class on duty, one looking after injured, other filling out paperwork.
I had some snow play too Monday - Maeve and I built a snowman and in the evening Kate and I built a snowman after rescuing the car from around the corner and skidding it up into our driveway.
On Tue Maeve's creche called a snow day even though it wasn't too bad.
Gritting trucks do the main roads as soon as there is ice and snow but there was more snow than could be handled this week.
We could see + hear on radio about big traffic jams. The estate here had a gritting truck today. The roads in the estate
get packed snow and it's fun to watch the hill by our house. And more fun to drive the car or motorbike home!
Also Roshi and family were in Dublin airpoty Thur but all flights ended up being cancelled.

I worked from home Mon + Tue.
Went into work Wed + Thur by Motorbike.
Stayed home again today Friday.
Wed was grand on the roads - actually dry to drive on.
Thur morning it snowed just for 1 minute just as I got to work.
Bike visor covered fast and fogged up really quickly too. eep!
Then it snowed/melted during day and was staying on ground by afternoon.
So I headed off early and went by the coast.
Loads of cars from toll-bridge all the way to home. By coast there was some slush on roads despite the traffic.
And loads of puddles of black dirty water + slush. I guess ice blocking the drains and maybe burst pipes.
I went up Booterstown and it got quite tricky.
Not enough traffic to clear the snow.
N11 was okay - jammed with cars. I went into Stillorgan to give blood and that road was packed snow.
Back to N11 and it was just slush to home - well - there was a small sportsy mazda on right filter lane for Brewry road skidding/stuck. Then in this estate got up 1st steep bit okay but stopped on hill when a small kid went near the road.
Then couldn't move. Back wheel skidded sideways gradually.
Some people pushed then I went up with back wheel see-saw-slipping on one side or another - eeks!
Made it to our drive.
Lots of kid visitors at home.
I pushed motorbike tidier but still left it on road.
Then got car into driveway better by rocking it more or less forward + back.

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