Sunday, 26 April 2009

Leopardstown Heights Clean up Day 2009

This weekend: Daire at scout camp.
He heads off Friday after swimming.
I'm in work until 6 then go visit Bill and have a cup of tea.
And bring him the 1 egg left (the mutant one we didn't eat) and 2 of our chicken's eggs.
Fionn heads off consulting in garden design :) and I get girls to bed really really late :-o.
Later I go and hang up clean up day posters.

Clean up day on Green Sat.
Maeve to birthday party in Total Fitness in morning.
Lashing rain and quite wet all morning.
Preparing for clean-up day and house tidying and cleaning.
Weather clears and lovely Sun before clean-up start.
Fionn goes to get Maeve home.

I see hmm, better not to name minor miscreants 3 kids tear down a cleanup day poster and drop it on ground.
So I scoot across and arrive at their front door as they do.
Grrr. :-P dutiful miffedness ensues.
Societal responsibility of reporting minor miscreantness finished race back to Kate who was eating.
Kate fed and dressed.
Fionn back home, I bring Kate to gymnastics. With Maeve.
When we get back Gazebo is up and clean-up day is officially started.
Myself and Maeve change clothes, then bring bucket and brushes and gloves across (and Maeve brings bike).
Pushing Maeve over carrying loads of stuff she tumbles off bike :(.
We go and collect rubbish bags and go to sweep broken glass from around MUGA.
Sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep.
Maeve cycles a little but then parks bike and picks up rubbish.
Maeve fantastic at scooping up piles of rubbish and loading into bucket.
She keeps at it the whole time I'm there.
Lots of other kids come and chat and help.
The small kids do loads of work.
The bigger kids more play football on MUGA and eat the hotdogs + sweets.

At 6 we're finished fun day, stuff brought in.
Kate and friend feed chickens.
And they help me take down 2 posters (they cycle up).
I do lollipop man on the road.
We have to leg it, Sandyford first for a gift then to Roshi's for dinner.
Visit garden, meet a cat.
Kids eat first after a bit of a play,
Then they go out in the garden and play for ages.
We eat.
Yum yellow rice that was roasted first which looks like cous-cous and pork curry and chickpeas.
Kids come back in and watch tv or something.

Girls walk/jump/dance and massage my back.
Kate does a yoga class for myself and Maeve.
I cycle and take down rest of cleanupday posters.
Also make Leop Hts gpx trace for openstreetmap.
Drive and collect Daire from scout camp.
Green party fundraiser for Elizabeth Davidson. Mount Venus house.
bed. (nearly)

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