Friday, 24 April 2009

Sound clips for choral festival songs

Rehersals on Tue + Thur nights 7:30 in Tiernans.
And Choral Festival on in New Ross on Sun 24 May.
We'll probably arrange a bus.
Girls and fellas very welcome to join in at this stage - we've a reasonable gang we thing but the more the LOUDer!

Some sound clips for the boys are up here:
... and a couple of links to the internet and YouTube for The Fool.
The quality is terrible :-7 I REALLY hope I don't sound that bad :( but some of them are slightly helpful hitting the right notes.

amr to mp3:
find /home/jamesc/Music/ -name "Dream*" |xargs /opt/MIKSOFT/MobileMediaConverter/lib/mmc
find /home/jamesc/Music/ -name "Fool*" |xargs /opt/MIKSOFT/MobileMediaConverter/lib/mmc

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