Thursday, 11 June 2009

Some fun taking down election posters & kids school Play

Kids were in school play last 4 days.
Very good actually combination of variety Irish dancing, singing and music by kids and teachers mixed in with two stories.
Snow White and Prince Hugh
Kate on Mon (F&M saw her) + Tue (F&M&I saw her and Daire).
Daire was Prince Hugh who was a bit too popular with the girls for comfort!
Daire was Prince Hugh on Tue and today (Thur), on Wed Daire was in Larch hill with scouts.
(Maeve and I dropped Daire, Cian and Conor over to scouts.
We left Kate with Moya to get lift to play.
Maeve & I watched play and collected Kate.)
Kate was very funny and nice as a dwarf.
She marched around very confidently.
She was very expressive - especially when they saw snow white had collapsed!
She stared very concerndly at snow white at the end.

Had great fun with Daire collecting some more election posters.
He was really good at spotting them from car and great help carrying snippers and posters and ties.
He was still dressed in sandals and pants with rope lashing on them for costume and still with moustache of Prince Hugh.
He got hit on the arms with one poster on the way down. :(
I got some myself on way back from dropping him down to do school play.
Met Catherine and Kevin also collecting posters.
Kevin has a magic long snippy rope stick.
It almost flies like a broomstick!
We have 10 of Elizabeth's, 4 of Adrianne's and 1 each of Terence's and Deirdre's.

We met a friendly drunken person drinking through a plastic bag full of cans at the Goat.
He offered to help but we had our ladder.
He was asking how much might the fine be if they were left up and if you could make money putting the posters up or down.
He scooted off real fast, hopefully not to get a ladder!!

Fionn's really busy with Residents stuff.
Delivering flyers about AGM, collecting subs, getting photos ready, making presentation for AGM, arranging things with roads/greens/sports&social, stuff needs to go up on web and be printed.

I'm suffering form VERRRY annoying cough.
It was a teeny possible allergic sniffle coming back from camping. :(
The heat seemed to initiate it.

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