Monday, 1 June 2009

Camping in Wexford. Morriscastle Strand Caravan park

Beautiful warm summery weather all this week.
Not too hot on motorbike. Strangely.
Collect things a bit Wed and Thur evening.
Daire brings lots of gear down from attic himself.
I go help waider move Fri and we pack car Fri night.

Pictures here:,+wexford,+ireland
By the way, googling for "camping|campsite|caravan|park" as a business search is really handy.
Lots (not quite all) places can be found there.

Sat morning we set off, arrive in grand time, set up camp in caravan/camper van area.
Pitch tent right next to playground.
Could be fun!
Daire meets some kids and plays football with them straight away "I'm Barcelona!" "I'm Man-U!" (heh heh _ I think doh on behalf of 1st kid, Man-U have just beaten Barca yesterday).

Morriscastle to Wexford, heritage centre and then later Johnstown castle for picnic:
Important to get the sun-cream on!
Fionn has arranged all the food. Lunch and picnic for later. Brilliant!

Go to Enniscorthy to eat in the evening.
Nice Portuguese place (? Galo) after walking around lots of Enniscorthy (which was nice though with tired kids).
And visit vinegar hill for fun on way home.
I navigate with map on way home.

Next day lots is on the beach.
We do life-jacket wearing practice for Kate and Maeve and play in dingy - they get to feel what being half in water with lifejacket is like.
In evening beach walk.
Lovely marsh lagoon under windmills BUT someone warns us that locals think it has sewage in it :(
SO that dampens things down a bit :(
Or rather ...
Daire and Kate join in a massive game of chase on the dunes.
Bad from dune conservation point of view probably (as is having the campsite and paths on/through dunes to beach maybe).

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