Friday, 29 May 2009

ubuntu upgrade .. phew ... nearly.

ubuntu reinstall okay now, lots of stuff reconfigured/moved over.

User accounts/passwords and groups set.
Home areas linked in.
Loats of software to install. And some to configure.
Happily the gnome logins seem nicer and user switching behaves better.
Sound when multiple users are on is better.

Ouch. Running childsplay kills the display. Can't recover session.

Thunderbird need to install enigmail add-on (gnupg) from ubuntu package as I have thunderbird from a package.
Firefox get stuff in ubuntu packages where possible ...
digikam (new version => digikam database ownership)
kids edu games and menus to find them
photo and video areas need moving (and tidy)

Notes for digikam (in ubuntu 9.1):
User can run it using digikam db they don't have write access to.
But creating new album silently fails (could create new dir but not write to db).
Try upload to flikr. Message so something in browser. Click ok when blah.
1. no okay (it is yes or no). 2. No browser appears. 3. click yes and get seg fault.
Upload to picasa same okay/yes/no dialog.
Uploading doesn't start ... ?
In bigview mode when rating photos rated photos as 4 and photo selection would go back to start. annoying.

Unfortunately I don't have time to go and look for digikam bugs, see if these issues are already logged and write a good description of problem :( :( It could be faster to download source + fix it!!
But then making a beautifully nice and coherent fix and submitting it could take time too!

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