Sunday, 17 May 2009

house work, mirrors, ...

I got to use a soldering iron this weekend :)
One of Kate's karaoke microphones was broken.
Sure enough, unscrew connector - only one wire attached ... where is other?
Cut and dig into cable to find it.
Then solder it up and screw back together.

Paul brought mirrors and laminated glass.
(by the way, thanks loads for ordering and bringing them Paul!
Fionnuala got mirror glue and we put up the 2 bay window mirrors (propped with big bits of wood for the day).
I fitted a frame of wood into old attic hatch.
Maeve helped paint it white.
And today we fitted in the laminated glass.
And I stood on it.
And it didn't break!
Big and little bathroom mirror are for another day/weekend.

Music rehersal for choral singing as usual Tue and Thur (competition coming close).
Playing with recording sound, editing and with .abc format linux software.

My jeans have 2 more rips in them (4 times repaired already).

Last Wed helped put up election posters for Green party.
Grand activity. I did feel it in back after a few hours climbing ladder and doing awkward things on it.
Collected Daire from scouts in middle of postering (and rescued a poster for Terence).
It was dampish by end of night but not bad at all.
On Thur backtracked and numbered posters on bike.
Maebh Cody and Adrianne Wyse running in different parts of Dubin South.
Next time: bring sweeping brush for pushing up posters/ties/reaching (umbrella is okay).
Bring gloves - poles are surprisingly dirty.
Brind indelible marker and number them BEFORE putting them up!
Someone must make a plan and a map.

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