Tuesday, 12 May 2009

confessed user of WhereAmI (OSM gps data collecting helper app)


With v0.11 whereami (on nokia E65) crashes out sometimes, phone resets other times. The E65 has bluetooth stability problems I think. I have seen phone do this with other bluetooth and not whereami. I did not lose .gpx info with crashes. I used up all memory on phone one time and lost last .gpx trace I had done. oops! Check your kids haven't been snapping tons of photos with your phone before OSMing!


With v0.13a after an initial .gpx collect (and maybe GSM cellids) I have an issue with whereami.db :( Need to follow instructions in FAQ: http://www.symbianos.org/faq/r=projectlink%3D47 The .db is not fully corrupt though. maps load fine. When I flip into named items view whereami crashes out.

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