Monday, 4 May 2009

The etymology of porridge

Maeve and I went shopping today.
And made a GPS trace of Ballyogan Dunnes car park for OpenStreetMap.
We got loads of stuff.
Need food.
We have used lots of staples at home and Fionn's Mum & Dad are visiting Wed+Thur this week to mind kids in afternoons while Fionn has a training course in East Point (Where I'm working in Sun).
Maeve did a really good job as usual helping especially unloading stuff from trolley onto conveyor belt while I packed.
As well as minding shopping list.

Anyway, porridge is a funny word. I was wondering about the origins of it.
Porridge is from French/Latin pottage - leek soup. And associated a little later with oatmeal in Scotland.
Ahhh, "pease porridge hot" ? maybe
Fionn is good at making leek soup.
I made it yesterday.
Lots of potato.
Quite yummy. "a type of porridge made from peas, pease pudding" and ""pease" was treated as a mass noun, similar to "oatmeal""

And yoghurt (while we're trying to remember which item of shopping I was thinking about the etymology of!)
From Turkish, related to word for to knead and dense/thick boooring meaning from salted

Interesting, on OSM after editing you can see the edits appear at further out zoom levels first.

Good weekend.
Long one with May bank holiday.
We stayed in Dub, relaxed slightly in a busy way.
Caught up on some housework.
Cycled with girls to Balawley park (trailgators).
Fionnuala did gardening work.
On Mon I added openable nest box to chicken coop.

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