Saturday, 4 July 2009

cycle in the hills, Nokia E65 SIM hack, rabbits

We went on a cycle today, I cycled over to Kilmashogue (start of Wicklow way near Marlay park).
Yeow! Steep hill. Fionn drove with kids and kids bikes.
Then we cycled up the hill, had a picnic and cycled back down.
We found 2 burnt out cars. One micra in car park.
One white/black BMW up the hills.
Then I cycled back home over the hills instead of on the road.
More steepness. Up and Down steepness. After Three Rock extreme rocky downhill steepness.
Trails deteriorated into very interesting cycling.
I had to walk a bit,
I think there might be an easier track to cycle (as I joined it 100m from bottom of hill!) only it has moved since the map I had was done.

My mobile phone (Nokia E65) has been misbehaving.
Saying "Insert SIM card" and "General System Error" reset needed and crashing/resetting itself (more often than normal).
The web votes for jamming something in behind the SIM and it seems to be working for me :)
I quite like hardware hacks like this :-D

New hutch for the rabbits.
They're not impressed.
Ran around the edges of the garden alot at bedtime.
Twinkle Star is inside nice and cosy but Jack isn't - though he is inside the chicken run so safe.
I also saw a rabbit/hare up in the hills today.

At home GPS trace uploading of the cycle ensued and I wanted an elevation graph.
Here one is: --eprof -g wami-20090704-00.gpx
sudo apt-get install viking

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