Monday, 13 July 2009

Loganberry jam and Blackberry and accidental cider

Yummmm: Loganberry jam. Logans from Cobh:

Loganberries + sugar. Nyam. Nyam.
Not a very refined or complicated dish.

Loganberry and apple jam. Yumm.

I've tried to sneak a loganberry into back garden but it is a bit obvious and hasn't escaped attention of Fionn :( I want to find a lonely patch and gureilla garden a loganberry into it.

I want to try this:
Blackberry wine. No blackberries but a couple of buckets of blackberry shoots/tips.
Plus rasins, sugar or honey and yeast.

Did I ever tell you I found a bucket of old apples in the old orchard in Cobh once?
In Wintertime.
All full with wizened old apples (cooking apples) and rainwater,
Not sure how it escaped being kicked over by the cattle who would have been in the field.
It smelled lovely and I brought it back to the yard and forgot about it.
A week later I spilled it out on the gravel which FIZZED and produced a fawn couloured big bubbled FROTH.
Oops wow!
Must try that again using less accidental and more hygenic methods.

We have a small gooseberry bush (with reddish gooseberries on it now) and a very young blackcurrant with fruit and a young apple tree in the front garden.

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