Tuesday, 20 October 2009

diary / family news

Email from John from Oz. They're doing lots of trips and touristy things with Mum and Noreen. I replied with out news.

I didn't tell him I got a cold :( I've an annoying cough. MBleh! :(
Was out with exCommProve people Friday.
Cycled in and out of town.
Buenos Aires Grill. Mmmm Empanadas de carne. Mmmm Guarnacion de something ribe eye :). Pavlova was just merangue, hmmm not mmmm. Off to the very loud globe after that.

On Sat I mostly changed brakepads on motorbike. Lots of housework. Some kids clothes had tricky stains on them. Some gardening and picking up rubbish on green on Sunday. Fionn brought Daire to soccer and also brought girls and Jaliah with scooters +roller blades. I cooked risotto. 

Fionn was at residents meeting this evening.
The digging up of the green is nearly over now.
Big slice still fenced off but it's growing newly sown grass now.
 (rising water main from Stillorgan resivoir to higher ones for feeding all the loads of new construction in Sandyford area)
Also being installed is some playground equipment.
Hopefully it survives being constructed - older kids break in and are all over it the whole time.
 It seems to be surviving alright anyway.
   The little digger building the playground had windows broken - someone threw a firework in apparently. Hmm.
  Lots fireworks already for a few weeks now.

We're off to Cobh next weekend to visit Dad Sat then Limerick Sunday afternoon after Sunday dinner,
Daire's off with scouts camp in Larch hill for Halloween. That's the weekend following.
Kids are good.
Daire's busy - Soccer is new, tough as he's playing under 12s to be in same squad as a friend.
He's over on the MUGA loads with his friends.
Kate's really good at the gymnastics. She did some for show and tell in school and she teaches us some at home too :)
Kate's doing the recorder too ... starting to string some notes together with about the right sound and timing on occasion.
Maeve does the gymnastics too now. She started doing it on the side whenever dropping or collecting Kate.
The first week she was cross because she said they all said she was the smallest.
We had to leave her down gently and explain she was the smallest (by at least a half a head).
 The others were all lifting her up too.
 She's accepted/forgotten it now "someone has to be the smallest".
  She's great in school, tells us lots about it.
  Her best friend is a Lily too.

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